The Benefit Brows Experience.

Hello lovely readers, I've never been one who cared about eyebrows until they morphed into feral beasts so today I'd like to talk about  eyebrow beauty!

In the later months of last year, I decided it was time to tame my brows and get them professionally done. I initially entered my local Debenhams to have my brows threaded as I'd been recommended the procedure so often. However, the Arch Angels station was unusually busy for a brisk evening. So I decided to wander over to the Benefit Brows Bar that was beside it.

As I was oblivious to the company in its entirety, I inquired about their brow service. Unlike Arch Angels, Benefit wax their clients brows. Now, I was slightly hesitant by this revelation as I'm a little pain sensitive - especially where wax has been involved. However, you will now find out just why I am now a loyal customer.


Benefit take great care in hygiene. They thoroughly inspect the instruments that will be used to make sure they are clean and sanitary. Before they begin, the beautician will sanitize their hands.

As a first-time customer, the beautician will use a special map utensil alongside a Benefit Brow Liner which will present to you where the brows will be waxed and how the Benefit Brow Arch will be formed.

Once your happy with the brow map, the beautician will gently apply a layer of cooling lavender oil to the brows to soften the pang of pain that may ignite from the impact of waxing.

Before they begin waxing, the beautician will dip a popsicle stick into a dainty pot of wax and test it on their and your skin to make sure you are content with the temperature.

Now it's time to work on the brows.

The beautician will again dip a popsicle stick into the pot of wax and will start with your mono-brow. They will gently put a smear of wax onto the skin before disposing of the popsicle, taking a piece of rag, placing it on the wax-clad skin and effortlessly ripping it off. For the first time, it may sting slightly but this fades fairly quickly witch each wax.

The brow arch itself is the equivalent to a 90° angle. The shape from the end tip of the brow leading up to the thicker portion of the brow is a sharp turn in direction that slices straight down; stopping right before where the mono-brow would appear. It's a very sharp, striking and yet subtle shape.

When one brow is complete, the beautician will inspect and pluck an loose hairs that could not be taken off with the wax before applying another layer of soothing lavender oil. They will then show you their work on the brow and will ask for your approval.

Once both brows are finished and you are happy with them, the beautician will apply a subtle layer of Benefit's boi-ing industrial-strength concealer as the skin around the freshly-waxed brows will be slightly red for the first few appointments.

The final step in the Benefit Brow Wax and Arch is the application of Benefit's rewnowned brow product; Brow Zings. This compact product is separated into two sectors; Brow Wax and Brow Colour. Both sectors have their own labelled brushes as well as a dainty pair of tweezers. First, the wax is applied directly to the brow and its shape which will aid future growth patterns. Then the brow colour is carefully applied to the brow; especially in places where skin may be visible.

The experience is lavish and luxurious and what's more, you will be treated with the utmost care and be ensured to enjoy the experience not only for its efficient process but for the beautician's interest in you and your shenanigans.

You can experience the Benefit Brow and Arch for a brilliant £12.50.

Benefit Brow Bars also supply a vast amount of treatments which you can explore here!

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  1. Haannah'Charlotte12 April 2012 at 17:03

    i think i might go their myself ;) It looks like i have slugs as eye brows.can't stand the pain of waxing though!!!! <3


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