Fan Fiction: Between The Lines by Tammara Webber

Hello lovely readers, as I'm not revealing any sneak peeks of Temptation Bites for now I decided to give you a little taster of my writing by doing a fan fiction scene for fellow friend & author Tammara Webber's novel 'Between the Lines'. Unlike Temptation Bites, BTL is not a supernatural but a YA/New Adult Contemporary Romance. Enjoy!

First of all, I'd like to warn you. If you haven't read Between The Lines then do not read this!

Setting: This fan fiction scene is written in Graham's POV. It's a short scene that is set near the ending of Between the Lines. It's devoted to showing that he dearly misses main character Emma and is trying his best to forget her as he doubts he'll ever come into personal contact with her again.

2012 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins & Tammara Webber
All contents below belongs to Tammy-Louise Wilkins for the solo-written scene and Tammara Webber for the characters and novel itself.

The Course of True Love Never did Run Smooth

It was a cool Manhattan morning. I left Cara with Cassie to go for a long-needed run. My limbs flowed gracefully and freely as I ran through the streets, letting the stress roll off my body in thick heaps.  This is where I belong, my mind murmured in a defeated tone. But my heart thought otherwise. No. No don’t think of her. I tried so damn hard not to fall for her. Emma. Just mentally saying her name made my mouth water with undeniable desire. Emma plagued my every thought, constantly reminding me of my falling for her. Love was a tender subject for me since Zoe. I stopped running and torturing myself for a second to cool off when I notice across the road a long stream of dark luscious hair on a petite, young woman. Hair that resembled Emma’s beautiful locks. The sun had since woken properly, shining directly by me causing my vision to blur slightly. I slip on my ray bans, still keeping my eyes locked on the petite brunette and try to take a more focused look.
“Emma!” A voice exclaimed near me. “Give us a smile darling!”
The young woman whipped around to the voice…It can’t be? Yet there she was. Emma Pierce. She’s here. Why?
“Emma, Emma! Over here!” Another voice beamed. Photographers were gathering around pushing me back into the wall.
For the briefest moment before the paparazzi viciously pushed me back, I swear our eyes met. Doubtful, my subconscious sniggered. I turn swiftly and resume my sensual jog into a fast paced sprint back to Cassie’s apartment. There was no way I could allow Emma Pierce to see me. I cannot be tangled in that delicious love web of hers again and…rekindle the love pooling deep in my heart.

Tammy xo


  1. This book sounds exciting, great advertisement for it Tammy! :D

    1. Thank you! I felt bad that I'm not revealing any of Temptation Bites for personal reasons so I thought I'd give you all a taster of my writing. =] xoxo


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