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Hello lovely readers, I have a burning question to ask; did you or do you ever feel self-conscious when you've – perhaps begrudgingly – convince yourself to go to your local athletics facility? I know I certainly did when I once regularly frequented my gym. It wasn't that I wanted to be lifting weights with a faux fur shawl on, it was the worry of looking like a drowned rat from sweat!

So, this evening's article is all about how to work up a sweat and still look fabulous.
Stress Sweat
One of the primary sources for resorting to a session in the gym is stress. Stress is common and occurs almost every single day. But there are some days when it requires an intense workout. However, in this state, there is one antagonist that plagues us all: Sweat marks.
Sweat can be many things. It can symbolise masculinity and it can be a wonderful feeling. But drenched patches riddling your body can sometimes feel undesirable. Whether you bearly sweat or sweat too much, we’ve all been there. My advice to you is this; sweat is inevitable. You can’t get away from it but you can conceal it. Go for the darker side of the colour spectrum the next time you shop for gym gear.
To Short or Not to Short?

In my honest opinion, there is no right answer to this. It depends heavily on what you’re training (e.g. arms, chest etc.) If you’re doing squats or using the rowing machine, I personally think comfortable lycra shorts are appropriate and best. If you’re on arm day, then it doesn’t matter too much what you wear pants-wise; however, if you’re doing deadlifts, do not go for sweats! That’s a disaster waiting to happen.
Say Goodbye to Make Up
If you’re arriving at the gym from a previous engagement like work then wearing makeup to the gym is fine (just make sure you take out those false lashes if the glue isn’t particularly strong!) If you’re going to the gym alone then don’t layer yourself with cosmetics purely for that purpose. Remember; you’re there to work up a sweat, not strut down a runway in Milan.
Gym Gear Problems
You can buy all the gym gear you want but let’s be honest; they will never see the light of the gym! Keep things simple; a large bag, a flask, and a few sets of workout clothes.
The moral of this article is keep things simple!
You can find any of this just about anywhere nowadays but if you want to go to pure sports boutiques then of course have a look at Nike, Reebok, and Everlast!



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