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Hello lovely readers, I'm back from my short holiday in Stratford-upon-Avon and I am bursting with ideas! I was in 'writer's block' mode, having so much to say yet it didn't want to come out. However, now I've got out of it.

Stratford-Upon-Avon (SUA) was absolutely beautiful! The great hotel was a minute (literally, it was just a park walk) away from town and the only time it rained was the day I was returning home. In total I took 288 photos (I know I can't believe it!). I've always wanted to go to SUA, it's the birthplace of William Shakespeare and we all know his writing was what interested me in the world of writing when I was younger. The William Shakespeare aspect of SUA was one of my favourite parts of the trip however what I enjoyed more was the company of the people; everyone was polite and lovely (not including all the tourists, they were a bad experience during the trip) and the atmosphere was inspiring. Another thing I loved was the line of café after café, restaurant after restaurant (I love my food so I was delighted). I could go on an on about everything and everyone I enjoyed in my time in SUA but I'll save it for the separate posts

Temptation Bites is going brilliantly, I've set myself the task of finishing the first draft of it this Summer. I've been withholding information from you all because it wasn't finalized but now I can reveal I have my first interview by fellow author Rachel Wade who will be asking questions about Temptation Bites! Currently, I'm working through the questions and trying not to make each answer a chapter long *chuckles*. So this is a heads up that if I'm a bit lazy at blogging it's because I'm busy writing and writing!

I've joined the world of Twitter. When I arrived at the hotel in SUA, Rachel (the author who's interviewing me) sent over the questions (as I predicted) of the interview which gave me an insight on what social media I need to have. After a nice advice chat, I created an official twitter account (I don't really use my personal so what better than to start fresh?).

For weeks now I've been collecting then categorizing bits & pieces from past magazines I own. The categories are: Fashion Beauty Advice Men . ~ Kind of a P.S. I Love You 'shoe scene' moment. ~ I've written up a couple posts that were inspired by photos from the various bits & pieces I collected.

NEWS! I now have an official Author Photo! Thanks to Rachel for helping choose, and here it is (see on the left)!

One final thing. . .I've created a blog logo! (See below)
Blog Logo!
The lovely sun is out shining so I'll leave you all to enjoy the beginning of your Summer.

Talk soon,

Tammy xo


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