Men: Common Lies To Look Out For.

Hello lovely readers, I've really got into talking about men recently so if you're wondering why I'm suddenly jumping into this topic a lot it's just because I have many stories to tell. Last night I wrote about the key to understanding the language of guy (click here to read), which got a lot of views, thank you to everyone who read it! In an impulsive moment I've decided to write today about some common lies that men tell us women.

Before you read, I'd like to say I don't approve of liars in any way but we all have to admit, we've all lied at some point about something small.

My phone's about to die. 
No it's not, he just can't be bothered to talk to her. This is one of the classics and this actually happened to me quite recently, I knew it was a lie but decided not to call the person on it. The problem about this certain lie is how to tell if it's a lie or not. Judge from the guy's personality & the way he speaks, if he's pretty sweet then there's more chance he's telling the truth but if he's both sweet and unkind, you've got yourself a liar.

You are the finest thing I've seen in the room tonight.
*Bursts out laughing*, no just no. Guys and their sleazy chat-up lines these days *shakes head*. No, she's just watched him get shot down by all the women and she was his last resort. Doesn't this just remind you of some things said on Take Me Out? Guys, it may seem that we're untouchable but guys could at least be themselves and say something genuine like "I'm having a bit of a bad night, mind if I talk to you for a bit?".

My status/tweet wasn't about you.
Translation: Yes it really was about her but he's not going to admit it.
This is a lethal one, it depends on what the status/tweet actually said. For example:
I wish I could say how I feel. - A bit unlikely to come from a guy but if so, it can be about anyone.
Do I have to choose? Can't I just make sure one doesn't find out about the other? - (A bit far-fetched but anyway...) This one could also mean various things but the instant thought when reading something like that is: He's cheating.

Now onto some more sweeter lies men tell women...

You're really annoying, you know that?
Aw, this guy likes or loves her. This lie can also be said to a sibling in a brotherly way too. It's incredibly nice when guys say stuff like this, makes you feel comfortable. This isn't a harmful lie, just one of those little white lies.

I didn't eat that.
Of course he did but he won't tell her that. However, I would probably scratch his eyes out (not literally of course) if he ate the last piece of pizza.

I never liked her.
Yes he did, he really liked her but he doesn't want to harm his girl. This is a mix of dangerous and harmless, it depends on what the situation is. If the friend is really friendly then tell the woman the truth. If the friend keeps her distance then this lie is harmless.

Well that's it for today, I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. I can't believe it's the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics tonight, very sad, I love the Olympics.

Tammy xo


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