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Hello lovely readers, well last night I was quite upset at an article claiming us Indie Authors/Self-Publishers are cheats. I ended up having a rant on Facebook saying:

"Lovely readers, something has greatly upset me tonight,

An article claiming Self-Publishers are "cheats" has absolutely infuriated me. Us writers work damn hard, taking years of our lives just to write ONE novel for everyone to enjoy. The amount of effort and devotion we put into our novels is worth so much. Why can't people understand we work just as hard (if not more) as publishers and trailer makers do. Our journey is our own unique story, please stop people from saying we are "cheats". xo"

As soon as I wrote it, I got supportive responses. In conclusion, last night fellow Indie Author Shelly Pratt, reader Tamara Beard teamed up together and thanks to Tamara's quick work, we have started a "Why Indies Rock!" Blog Tour sign-up sheet. As I said last night we need to get it trending, to be spread across the world that Indie's are NOT cheats! I believe in equality and there isn't any here.

So I am asking you lovely readers, to share this post to anyone. If you're interested in being apart of our plan to stop people saying we're cheats the please go to Tamara's blog and sign up! "Why Indies Rock!" Blog Tour.

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Thank you,

Tammy xo


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