Stratford-Upon-Avon: Jeremy Kyle Guests, Old Women Rants & More. . .

Hello lovely readers, I'm back! And with stories to tell you all!

As you all know, I stayed in Stratford for a second time last week. Why? For multiple reasons. I very much needed a relaxing break to escape my busy life. Another reason is that I love Stratford. The scenery, the friendly people and the history. It does me good, and does my writing good too. My writing flows better when I'm there.

Now that I kinda knew my way around, I decided to explore more of the wonderful place. Little did I know it's basically walking in a circle through complicatedly structured yet simple streets. Thankfully the beautiful architecture and endless lines of shops made walking around in circles great fun. There is not one street that I've walked that is plain or dull, the historic (and partly rebuilt) buildings really look amazing among the more modern buildings.

During the trip, I shopped like a mad woman. Shops were everywhere I looked, I couldn't resist going on a shopping spree! What did I buy? Many things. Presents for friends (Nope not Christmas presents but birthday presents). A brand new gorgeous, navy blue, military style coat that I'm wearing in the photo above! Also a brand new lace & leather purse (very sad to say goodbye to my previous purse of four years).

There are a couple funny incidents that I have to share with you. Who knew funny things follows me around?

The first incident. My mum & I were sat in the local pub, having a drink and an early dinner. It was lovely and quiet with there only being a few people around at the time. I was sat reading one of my books and eating my food when my ears caught a man sitting across from me boasting to the girl he was sat with. Loudly. Not just boasting about anything. He was boasting about being on The Jeremy Kyle Show. Trying to suppress my laughter was a challenging thing to do but thankfully I was able to. Quickly whispering to mum, we both giggled and returned to our food. About five minutes later, the girl turned around, starred daggers at me as if I'd committed a crime. She then turned back to the man, pointed at me and said: "Did you sleep with that girl?!" I'm telling you now, I almost spat out my drink. I didn't know either the girl or the man and she said that, christ I was dying with laughter inside. My mum looked at me oddly and asked what was up, once we'd left the pub I explained to her what had happened. We were laughing for quite a while.

Now onto the second incident. It was our last day in Stratford. My mum & I were sat in my favourite café (Hobsons Patisseries), passing the time by reading our books. Two elderly women–in their eighties, I'd say–sat inches behind me. Twenty minutes or so later, they began arguing. About a hole in a next to one of Barclays Bank's cash machines. Now that is funny as f**k. However, at the time, I had never felt tenser in my life. It felt like I was actually in the argument, I was that close. One of the women began throwing various swearwords at the other. These women seemed posh and sweet at first but my God they were frightening when they got angry. This café was a posh(ish) place where everyone is polite & friendly, these two women were obviously didn't get that memo! They carried on as they left. I was bloody relieved to be able to relax in my chair and not have to stay leaning forward. Another couple of women across from us spoke about their behaviour and we all had a laugh about it.

My Beauty Blogger style collage of my Outfits of the Day whilst in Stratford.
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
So that is some of the things I got up to in Stratford! I've been asked by people why I love Stratford so much; it's hard to explain the relaxation and freedom it gives me. A change of scenery every few months. It's actually been playing on my mind for a while to perhaps move there in a couple years when I'm hopefully coping much better with M.E.. Who knows? The future is unpredictable.

Two final things! One, I go on about only a couple places I love so what I decided to do is make a little recommendation guide!

Hobsons Patisseries - The place is spectacular. The style & art design alone captivates your attention. The service is excellent. I love the people there, they're so friendly and nice. The food is to die for, scrumptious is not the word to describe the gorgeous food. This is also where the old women rant took place.
Pen & Parchment - A delightful place. The staff are lovely and very attentive. The furniture design was great. The service is very quick. Also this is where the Jeremy Kyle Guest event happened.
The River Avon, RSC - Now this is one of my favourites. By the RSC, there's a river bank. You can sit, watch the swans and ducks. It's such a peaceful place, I remember sitting there for a good two hours back in July when I first went.
Butterfly Farm - I cannot recommend this place enough. If it weren't for the terrible rain in July, I would of never experienced this wonderful place. Love animals? Strangely making memories? Taking a lot of photos? Then this is the place for you.

And two, last time I barely showed photos of my trip. This time however, I've selected some of the photos I took (Took 388 in total!) and put them into a video just for you lovely readers! Hope you lovely readers enjoy my video :)

Tammy xo


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