My Intimate Poetry: Judgement.

Hello lovely readers, this afternoon I want ponder over something with you. Words. They affect us in all kinds of ways. That's what makes literature the most beautiful and terrifying thing. Every day, we use words or actions to indicate words. So what happens when words are taken away from us?

What are words? ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Without the venom,
These words of spite
Are a serpent without fangs;
Short of its searing bite.

With no conviction,
These words lack meaning.
Intended to shatter a soul,
Now no longer demeaning.

Once stripping you of your ability
To inflict your poison and pain.
You are a hollow being
Left with no reason to disdain.

Through words of judgment,
Your acrimony for life soars;
Robbing us of our livelihoods.
What would you do if we took yours?

2012 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins


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