My Intimate Poetry: Unconditional.

Does the heart not bleed why my own blood betray me? ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins

The gifts given in life
Are a rarity not to come without strife.
On-going battles shall ensue,
Stubbornness is a gene shared between me and you.

A rare giggle may arise,
Still the happiness soon dies.
When one comments with spite,
A blaze erupts into a fight.

Though trust so sacred is ultimately lost,
It is us both that must deal with the cost.
Although one is wrong and the other is right,
Both must suffer for many a night.

Yet we always survive through thick and through thin;
Chipped a little more each time beneath the skin.
The heart still professes the love we share,
That without it, neither of us could bear.

2012 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins


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