Ups & Downs

Don't waste time stewing over someone's
words, smile & move on.
Stratford-Upon-Avon - October 2012.
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
Hello lovely readers, since I published You’ll Always Have Me I've gotten a lot of responses. Some said: “Beautifully said.” or “Sweet, lovely words.” Others came to me to say they've been going through a rough time & my words helped them a great deal. Then there was the response from David Gandy’s assistant that stunned me. Each and every message meant a lot. I can’t describe how grateful I am.

There’s something I’d like to add though. A lovely friend & fellow blogger Hannah wrote a blog post about criticism which I’d very much like to share with you all. It speaks of blog/social criticism, advice on how to deal with negativity and her experience with cyber bullies. I relate to it a lot. My blog doesn’t always get good responses. Sometimes I can receive something from an anonymous person trashing it. Sometimes I’m targeted personally by yet again an anonymous person talking complete utter rubbish of what they supposedly know about me. I must admit, it is scary at times to think someone who doesn’t even know you is just waiting for the right moment to strike and take you down. As Hannah says in her post, be careful with people you trust online because they can turn on you in a flash. However, the good thing that comes from trolls is that all they do is make you stronger, more aware and definitely more confident to carry on what you're doing. If you have haters, then you're obviously doing something so right with your blog. As I said in You'll Always Have Me, there will always be someone trying to take you down but smirk in their face and carry on with life.

Tammy xo


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