Hello lovely readers, tonight is a special post. Welcome to the ninth stop in the first ever WHY INDIES ROCK! Blog Tour!

Can't remember me telling you guys about this tour, check out
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Why do Indie Authors rock? The list is endless. Personally though, I think one of the best reasons is the journey each of us go through before, during & after writing our book. Before I began writing Temptation Bites, I was completely lost. I'd been hit full on by M.E.. Everything about myself changed. For a long time I tried to come to grips with the new way of I life I would live. It was a very dark and difficult time for me. Serious soul searching took place during that time. I needed to find some control over my life and I found that through writing. This soon became my voice and it gave me the chance to get away from my illness. The seed of TB was planted, giving me freedom. If it weren't for my M.E., I would never of reconnected with reading books and my passion for writing. I focus almost all of the little energy I have on writing my novel. When I say writing means the absolute world to me, I really mean it. Each author's journey is incredible and worth listening to, to understand how much dedication is put into books. All Indies work their asses off, taking hours out of their day & sacrificing many things just for their book.

I cannot begin to list the amazing Indie Authors I know, I honestly can't so all you amazing Indies out there: Know that your work will not go unrewarded or unknown. It will be forever cherished by readers that will love you and encourage you to keep working. The gift of writing is one thing, but taking that gift and pursuing it is another. There are people out there, you don't even know that have a special place for you in their heart. Keep working and never let anyone tell you to stop.

Fans. I don't like calling people that, Readers/Supporters is what they should be called. I've met a lot of these people in the last year. I adore them all because they encourage & love my work. In fact, just a couple days ago I met a delightful woman who can't wait to read TB. Readers don't get enough appreciation. They truly are amazing. So, I would like to mention a few people.
Holly, you're one of my closest friends that has stuck by me through very tough times. You support me no matter what. I'm constantly encouraged by you to continue writing, to never stop.
Sam, ah my CP. You're brilliant and always help me. Thank you for loving my work. I really do appreciate it.
Rachael, oh sweetie. You gave me my first interview as a writer. You're truly inspirational.
Shelly, you're an amazing author. I love our chats. The support we give to eachother means so much.
Tamara, I haven't know you for long but long enough to know you are one of the kindest Indie Supporters I've ever known. You do a hell of a lot for all Indie Authors. For a young woman, you're extremely intelligent.

Publishers. Now I have huge respect for them. However, it's highly disrespectable to bad mouth Indie Authors. We are as good, if not better than published authors. The publishing world is changing and some may not like it but it can't be stopped. Disgraceful words have been used to describe Indies. Indie Authors are unique, they write their own stories they way they want it. The people spreading negativity about Indies need to stop stropping like a child that's favourite toy had just been taken from them and accept writers are more independent.

I would like to say thank you for every single person involved with this tour. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has commented about my video for this tour.

For all you readers out there, show your support.

Tammy xo


  1. I had no idea you made that video but I LOVE it! Welcome to the arms of the Indie community, Tammy. May your stay here be awesome. I like the idea of non-fan/reader/supporters :) WRITE ON!

    1. Aw thank you! Took my a few days to make it, so much fun. I can't believe how well this tour is going –It’s my first tour–, it seems just yesterday that Tamara & I created the tour (Check out how it was created: www.tammy-louisewilkins.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/indie-revolution.html)
      Your comment has really made me smile! Thank you for the support & kindness! :) xo

  2. Sweet post and love the video!!! Great to be apart of this awesome indie community!

    1. Thank you Teresa, glad you enjoyed the post & loved the video! I completely agree. xo


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