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Stratford - October 2012
© Tammy-Louise Wilkins
You know what? I feel I don't tell you lovely readers how I much I love you enough. Some of you out there haven't made your identity known to me therefore I haven't been able to thank you for coming to my blog.

I love you for coming to my blog. Even if you've only read one post, I still very much appreciate you taking the time to read. I'm quite interested to know, what brought you here? A friend? A word that'd been tagged (labels at the bottom of posts)? Or did you just stumble across it? Regular readers, I can't thank you enough to coming back here. It's still surreal to me, meeting all these nice people who read my blog. There are a lot of people who've spoken to me just to say something like: "I read you blog. It's great." and it feels amazing. People from all over the world are reading my words. I have become great friends with some of my readers. Also there are a lot of people I've met on Twitter & Facebook I'd love to meet one day. The poet with the silver tongue, Mr Darwin Blake ( I love saying his full name). My Hottie of the Day girl Caroline. My other Hottie of the Day girl & constant supporter Amelia. My lovely friend Kari. The Subclub & Literati Literature girls. And so many other people! You may not realize but you lovely readers make me smile almost everyday. I just can't put into words how grateful I am.

As a present, I've written a poem about you all. Enjoy!

It's a brisk morning
I can't stop myself yawning
Dozing in bed
I slowly wake up my head
My hands search around for my phone
So I can say "Hello"
To the people I adore

A dozen notifications light up my screen
All I can do is beam
I scroll through them & read
Realizing my latest post, tweet or status did succeed
In giving someone even the slightest joy
All I think is "Oh boy..."
The messages bring me such joy

The readers I know
Listen to me say "I'll be back with a new post tomorrow!"
 And that I love them for the constant support

But the readers that I don't know, well...
Now is the time to tell
How thankful & loving I am for you reading
I hope it always leave you needing
More & More.

Without you my lovely readers, I wouldn't be able to bare it. For you are my motivation to keep writing this blog. Thank you.

Tammy xo


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