My Intimate Poetry: Festivities.

You make the pain fade. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins

In the wake of festivity,
I cannot locate my pain.
I’m numbed by love,
By the embrace of my kin.

They silence my cries
With the sheer warmth of their voices.
They remain by my side
When I retreat into the torture of solitude.

They pull my head from the clasp of water
Each time I drown.
They breathe the purities in life into me,
Even when I want to drown.

With them, I fail to recall the agony;
The very same that clutches me tight.
Its claws retract in their company,
Its existence failing to shroud me with pain.

In the wake of festivity,
I’m reminded of my fortune.
Their love the ultimate pain killer,
The presence the truest gift at this time.

2012 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins


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