My Intimate Poetry: Reborn.

Though one journey meets its demise, the other may now live. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins

The burden of a birthday has passed,
The absence and silence ceases to be done.
I prayed it would end at long last,
Yet I remain to be shun.

Promiscuity with another soul,
How I had to witness the same bewitching tale
Of how he led me to believe, to feel secure and whole,
Only to be revealed as a recycled ploy deemed to never fail.

Welcoming him as a kind stranger;
Her untouched soul as naïve as mine.
If only she knew the fatal danger,
With the attitude of carefree supine.

I must refuse the desire,
To drink my pain away; to end it all.
A life too youthful to exceed its date of expire,
It is time to stand tall.

Reborn to live,
Reborn to love,
Reborn to give,
Reborn to fly above.

2012 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins


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