Fashion | 70th Golden Globes Ceremony.

Hello lovely readers, the 70th Golden Globe Awards has just passed and what a night it was for fashion critics everywhere. If there’s one thing I love about glamorous events such as the Globes, it’s the fashion.

The glorious dresses came out in force this year. From Anne Hathaway in cream, beaded Chanel to Jessica Alba in peach silk Oscar de la Renta, the women strutted their stuff in style. As did the men looking as dashing as possible. Ewan McGregor charmed the pants off of me–a standard reaction, it’s the hair, honestly!–in his handsome suit & tie much like Will Arnett did in his daring-to-be-bold gray suit (although, I believe a bow tie would prove to have been more fitting rather than a wide tie). So without further ado, let’s get talking about the best dressed women, men and couples!

Best Dressed Women

Naomi Watts

The crème de la crème of the Globes' female fashion materialize from none other than America's youthful designer, Zac Posen. The contemporary piece graced the skin of Mulholland Drive actress, Naomi Watts.

The exquisite maroon gown maintained a sensual and modest outlook with two petite unveiling slips of skin upon the cleavage and upper back which was accompanied by an elegant bridal train. Whilst vibrant red is a fairly common shade on the red carpet spectrum, a serene maroon makes for a lovely difference.

Complying with the soft subtly of her look, Watts had a natural approach concerning cosmetics, only applying a statement with deep red lips. The looked was completed with a pair of Lorraine Schwartz earrings and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.

A Little Something About Naomi:
  • Naomi is originally British (born and raised in Shoreham, Kent for four years until her parents' untimely divorce.) She relocated to Australia beside her mother, brother & stepfather at the age of fourteen.
  • Watts has been on our screens for twenty seven years.
Francesca Eastwood

The runner-up of fashion perfection of the Globes is the bridal and cocktail dress empire, Pronovias. Daughter of country legend, Clint Eastwood and blond beauty, Francesca Eastwood, took a leaf out of Alexandra Byrne's design book and went for a tastefully fitted gown. 

Although some commented on this particular piece as "playing it safe" or "pretty blah," I personally adore this lace number. She matched it perfectly with striking red lips and effervescent eye shadow to bring attention to those unnaturally divine eye. The Veronica Lake hairstyle adds a chic style along with an eye-catching wristband, gluing this look into a flawless masterpiece.

A Little Something About Francesca:
  • Francesca is best known for her primary role in reality show: Mrs. Eastwood & Company. In which she co-stars with Dina Eastwood (Clint's current wife) and Morgan Eastwood (Francesca's step-sister).
Lucy Liu

Unlike the majority of fashion critics, I rather liked Lucy Liu floral Carolina Herrera gown. The Victorian corset-like and prom skirt –like style brings a . . . spring essence to the evening. It’s bold, graceful and well-designed. Lucy’s cute little plat was a great decision for a strapless dress. She looks almost wild yet soft.

A Little Something About Lucy:

To prepare for her role as an exotic dancer in City of Industry, she spent more than a month performing in a LA strip club

Jennifer Lopez

The last of the best dressed women is another lace number worn by Jennifer Lopez. The Zuhair Murad sheer gown is very revealing but that's J-Lo for you! For forty-three, having such a curvy figure like that deserves to be flaunted. Lopez's glam one-sided curls compliment the dress immensely. Like icing on the cake. Zuhair Murad sure is definitely becoming well none with these lace dresses.

A Little Something About Jennifer:
  • Her first leading role was in the film Selena, a biographical film about the late Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.

Best Dressed Men

Stereo-typically, it would be assumed that I'd have much more joy in researching the women's fashion of the Globes. However, I am highly fascinated with men's fashion. This year has been quite the tough call but I have selected my top three. 

It was all about the bow ties this year and I positively ecstatic about it!

Eddie Redmayne

My No. #1 in this category is hands down, Eddie Redmayne. It's true, ever since he first came onto our screens, I've had a thing for him. That's saying something. I don't find freckles appealing. I think it's the lips. And the hair. *chuckles* He looked as gorgeous as usual in his velvet suit jacket and silky bow tie.

A Little Something About Eddie:

Redmayne suffers with severe colour blindness and has admitted that his girlfriend often critiques his clothing for him.

Ben Affleck

Next up, Ben Affleck. Yes, he too was on my bedroom walls when I was a young. If you were like me, you remember him from things such as Pearl Harbor (sob fest), Armageddon and as the screenplay writer for Good Will Hunting. He looked suave at the Globes in his navy suit. Now, I'm not a fan of beards but his is quite charming. It took some time for it to grow on me (no pun intended) but I've gotten used to it. He is my exception, if you will.

A Little Something About Ben:
  • Ben is an avid poker player.
Leonardo Dicaprio

Oh Leo. Who doesn't love this wonderful guy? How apt that he portrayed Romeo in Baz Luhrmann's adaption of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. This man knows how to dress. Hell, the guy practically oozes sexuality through clothes. Don't mind me, I'm just remembering my Leo Di love days. The majority of you will know him mainly for his role in Titanic (ever cried as much as you did when that came out?).

A Little Something About Leo:

He was named after Leonardo DaVinci. Apparently his mother felt her baby kick for the first time while she was standing in front of a portrait of Leonardo DaVinci at a gallery in Florence, Italy.

Best Dressed Couples 

To end this post, I would like to take a look at the couples of the evening. Miranda Kerr looked positively stunning in her revealing crimson Zuhair Murad dress (Murad wowed the world twice in one night!) with her dazzling husband, Orlando Bloom. As did Nicole Kidman in her Alexander McQueen gown alongside hubby Keith Urban. However, there were only two couples that personally wowed me:

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

As suspected by many of you lovely readers, the 007 stud and his darling wife are making an appearance in this post. This time however, I was mesmerized by his wife, Rachel. I've adored almost all the roles Weisz has taken on, I think she is a wonderful actress. Seeing her in a beautiful sheer, polka dot Louis Vuitton dress (above) left me drooling. As you lovely readers have come to learn, I love polka dot clothing. And Rachel's number was fabulous. Daniel only added to the sleek style with his navy suit and bow tie with a cute little extra in the form of sunglasses.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Apologies for Megan Fox is almost every man's idea of a wet dream. I apologize for that visual but it's true. This fact was empathized at the Globes as she graced the red carpet in a elegant, cream ruffle Dolce & Gabbana dress. Brian is also quite a looker and looked dashing in his jet black suit. This couple were most definitely my favourite.

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