My Intimate Poetry: Baby it's Cold Outside

Hello lovely readers, I received my first Amazon review from a dear friend. One part of his review stood out though: "I only hope she decides to continue to please us with more poetic verse in time to come." So. . .Enjoy the first installment of My Intimate Poetry this year!

"Snow is flakes of memories twinkling down." ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Simple beauty like this
 Is one of the many definitions of unconditional bliss
 My world comes to a standstill
As I find myself glued to the windowsill

Watching the droplet-sized flakes flutter down
The corners of my lips twitch as I perch in the window drinking rich coffee in my nightgown
The feline awakes, stretching as she does and joins me in my trance
 Petite birds humming in my orchard tree whilst their miniature frozen feet dance

The snow-lighted air is brisk and raw on my cheeks
My eyes squint continuously trying to seek
A purer, more focused view
Yet it's blurred by this over the top shopping queue

All this ludicrous fretting, you’d think it’s the rapture!

Children will beam with excitement and go sledding
Whilst their mother's take this opportunity to apply fresh bedding
Couples will snuggle by a blazing fire, surrounded by the warmth of their love
And here I am. Writing this. Wondering how magnificent this must look from up above

Wrap up warm
Be prepared for this super storm
It may be outrageously chilly nonetheless don't hesitate to go
Out in the fresh outdoors and enjoy this delightful snow

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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