My Intimate Poetry: A Thousand Years

2013 Memories Box
Hello lovely readers, it's time for the next instalment of My Intimate Poetry 2013! It's been one hell of a hectic week. Very exciting things happening which I will reveal soon. Enjoy!

The time I use is never wasted even if I think it is. The memories stand to tell me otherwise. ~
Tammy-Louise Wilkins.
The tender sheet of paper flurries down lighted by the afternoon glow into the box
Another memory closed off from the world for now
Sitting there for a news flash remembrance later
A reason to celebrate.

The last droplets of red wine slink down the throat
As the dark night transforms into the dusky dawn
Slowly, another piece of paper falls into the box
A reason to celebrate.

The luminous morning’s come with a surprise in store
A desirable body hums next to the other with gentle grace
Sexy features that mirrors the one that is often invading dreams
A reason to celebrate.

The months soar by and the time has finally come
A box jam-packed with achievements throughout the days lays open
Slips of paper are sprawled around it reading each and every 
A reason to celebrate.

Recall all those moments of feeling dejected?
They were completely irrelevant, merely objects of motivation
Why? Because each & every slice of paper from over the years in that 'memories box' proves it
A reason to celebrate.

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins
Tammy xo


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