My Intimate Poetry: You Had Me from Hello

Hello lovely readers, as some of you may know it's my mother's birthday today! Feel free to wish her a happy birthday by tweeting or posting on facebook! This morning's poem is dedicated to her. Enjoy!

I will always love my mother for who she is and everything she does. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.
There have been numerous difficult bumps in the road 
Along with countless delightful times that are forever cherished
Let new memories be created for good or bad
Because I wouldn’t have you any other way

By now you know I’ll always mock you
For being such a big fan of Mr Michael Ball’s
Although you should know I do partly enjoy his work too
This is why I wouldn’t have you any other way

Over the years you’ve done nothing but support me in which I’m constantly thankful
I haven’t always been the easiest of daughters
Yet you’ve still remained by my side in every high or low moment
I really wouldn’t have you any other way

You think you’re becoming old with the littlest of grey strands
That’s just another worn-out day hallucination
To me you’ll be eternally young and cheerful
I wouldn’t ever have you any other way

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins
Tammy xo


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