Stratford-upon-Avon | A Tale of Winter's Valentine

Hello lovely readers, I’m back from my Writing Retreat! Throughout my trip, I endured almost every extreme weather. One extreme to the other.

Sunday morning began with pouring rain then it funnily enough turned into full-blown snow. I arrived at the hotel at around half twelve on Sunday morning, really anticipating that my room would be ready. Luckily, it was. Whilst picking up newspapers in town, an elderly woman approached me and began chatting about her life. It was genuinely sweet and amusing. She was quite funny with the things she said! It was one of those conversations when you're slightly disturbed and trying to suppress the urge to giggle.

Did anyone catch the Baftas Sunday evening? There seems to be a theme with beards and goatees. Some suited and others…Well others not so suited. I personally like stubble rather than a full-on beard on a man.

The next day was full of snow blizzards, shopping and a bit of gym. An adavantage to having a full length window is being able to determine the weather. It was brisk and chilly but I braved it in a tan frill & black pencil dress. A few days before I went off to Stratford, I injured my shoulder somehow. Which wasn’t feeling amazing to begin with. It’s been in so much pain so doing a few laps–that completely shattered my body–in the hotel pool and letting the Jacuzzi bubbles do its work was good healing therapy.

Joseph Pitcher
On Tuesday, I finally got to see a play at the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company). Despite that I’d been awfully quiet on the Twitter Front, Blackberry GPS is crippling so I don’t tend to use it often, I excited tweeted about it. ‘The Winter’s Tale’ is one of my favourite productions of Shakespeare’s wonderful mind. It’s about how extreme jealousy can go. Critics call this one “one of Shakespeare’s problem plays” as it’s very intense yet has a good amount of humour in the second act and a happy ending. In my opinion, I think it’s a great mix. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My seat was next one of the stage entries. I had wonderful eye candy in the form of Joseph Pitcher. Having him no more than a metre away was quite a treat. Trust me to find someone to ogle whilst watching a play as intense as that, ay? *chuckles* Also that night, I did something to shock and satisfy my readers. It’s a question I’m frequently asked ever since saying it used to be like it when I was young: “What does your hair look like straight?” Well. I straightened my hair for the first time in years just for all your curiosity to be satisfied. It was nice to have a change. Although I’m a modern day Rapunzel. I’m not joking when I say my hair reached my backside when it’s straight. 

Wednesday was spent shopping like a mad woman then spending the rest of the day in the hotel whilst the snow came down utterly too heavy. H&M never had been a place I'd shop because the one in my town isn't that appealing but the one in Stratford was excellent. Bought two beautiful dresses & shirts. The day before, I'd spotted a pair of Cat Eye Sunglasses. I'm in love with Cat Eye Glasses, they're so quirky. I ended up buying them that day. Along with those, I brought some other great clothes that are both professional and casual.

Now it's onto the day that is Valentine's Day. The last day of my stay. *sighs* It never gets easier leaving Stratford. In all honesty, this has been one of the best Valentine's Days really for personal reasons. I had a fantastic day. I spent the morning at the Butterfly Farm and exploring Shakespeare's birthplace for a second time minus the mass of tourists and the afternoon in Hobsons which turned out to be a nice way to spend the afternoon. Surrounded by couples of all ages, it gave me inspiration for Temptation Bites. Later on, I sat out by the river for a while. It's peaceful just sitting there and letting the wind subtly bite at the face. When I got back at the hotel, I fell asleep on the lounge sofa, waking up around thirty minutes later to find a magazine was clued to my face. I peeled it off only to reveal the ink had painted half my face. Thank god I had my makeup wipes in my handbag!

And that was my latest trip.

Of course, I have created a video so that all you lovely readers can see some of the photos taken during my stay. As Blogger doesn't want to load it directly here, I've uploaded it onto my Facebook Page. Click here. Enjoy!

A lovely friend & I were discussing our visions of moving to our dream location a few days ago. She wishes to live in Seattle and I dream to live in Stratford. During the conversation I had a wise moment, saying: “I don't walk the streets like a tourist, I walk them as if they are my home. It's strange really, finding a place where you feel you belong in every aspect.” Stratford is my Writing Retreat. The place I go to for solitude and thinking of the future. A place that I feel completely welcome in. It’s true. Stratford-upon-Avon has won me over completely. Body & soul. Now, I know how terribly cheesy and poetic that sounds but it’s the honest truth. I fell in love with Stratford the moment I entered it. Feeling constantly revitalized and at peace is exactly what I need. It’s no secret that I’m planning to move there at some point, may it be the near or distant future.

Now I'm here. Writing this. Unable to keep my eyes open. *sighs* It's all catching up with me!

Thank you for reading the latest on my adventures in Stratford, may there be many more!



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