My Intimate Poetry: Apologize.

Hello lovely readers, on Wednesday I received an incredible review from the Literati Literature Lovers. Go check it out, here! The first rays of sunshine have appeared after days of cold, dark, perpetual night.

You were never mine to lose yet for days, weeks, months I had to cope with living without you. Everyone in the world has wounds, whether they expose them or not. They're there. The ghosts of our pasts, the memories we wish to forget. After all this time there you are. Always bringing back the one memory I've tried to forget. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

There is a man out there
Who shattered my heart and left me in pure despair
He haunts my mind, he taunts my heart
When it comes to relationships nowadays, I don’t know where to start

He ruined me, yes ruined me

I was blindfolded by my adoration for him, I couldn’t see
What was really happening and what page he was on
Why couldn’t he have been honest? That I was never his beautiful swan

The summer romance came and went

By the time it was over, he was well and truly spent
I was at fault in this too; I couldn’t hold back one desire
Or one truth, in fear my days would soon expire

On Christmas night, we spoke with underlined care

The irony of the situation was all too visibly there
Being exactly a year since the day he broke my heart 
Now conversing like long lost friends, I felt so self-assured and smart

Regrettably, little did I know he’d never truly changed 
Soon towing our conversation to our past passion, it was undoubtedly deranged 
There are days when I miss him and think about him nonstop with torment 
Then there are days when I think, “He was a coward and never a kind-hearted gent.”

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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