My Intimate Poetry: Breakaway.

Hello lovely readers, this week has been so busy I'm run off my feet at the moment. Friday is the worst when it comes to traffic. But Monday could have given it a run for its money, I was stuck on the motorway watching birds be swept sideways by the wind combined with snow. Enjoy!

I hate that I don't know what's coming my way but in the same sense I love it. Does that make sense? ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Home is where the heart is…Is that true?
Where battles and arguments occur right on cue
Could there be a place outside of my hometown, 
That evaporates every worry and the fear I will eventually drown?

Complete independence is where I long to be
The stage I wish to reach in life right now so I can be free
But of course, nothing’s ever easy at all
No it takes time, courage and belief that it’s time to fall

Things are shaping up in the most pleasant way
People I care for have made their bed and are here to stay
So many twists and turns have been thrown at me
Despite that I still come out on top, glowing like the yellow shade on a bee

The night draws in, the aspirations begin to drift and doze
As I begin to doze off myself, dreaming of a place where anything goes
I will always be eager to know what the future holds
But where would the enjoyment be in that? The fun is in never being told.

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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