My Intimate Poetry: Hurricane Drunk.

Hello lovely readers, hope you're all enjoying Good Friday! I've spent my Good Friday working at Cancer Research, I'm thoroughly knackered but I am all too happy with the fantastic day I've had! (Check out a photo here)

Now tonight's poem isn't going to be themed with Easter. At all. Tonight's poem is about the pain a person goes through when they keep it to themselves. It is a poem about the reasons why a person conceals it and why they cannot reveal their pain. Enjoy.

Sometimes it's worth suffering in silence. Even if the pain is almost too much to cope with. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Beneath the seemingly content and blissful surface, I conceal
An outrageous amount of agonizing pain I always secretly feel
Whether it’s because I have no normality because of how I have to live now
Or the fear of being alone even in a room full of people, I do feel like a selfish cow

Distancing from people has been my defence
Ever since the first punch of cruelty was thrown; it gave me some sense
That in the end I will never escape the pain, no matter how happy I am
Those little things will get to me, I wish I didn't give a damn

A whole other world lives behind the closed doors I call flesh
You merely observe a foundation-like layer that's fresh
Clean, untouched, unmarked is what it decievingly presents
Only my eyes can see what you don't, the despair, the agony, and the torment

If my hurt were visible for the world to see
You would be shocked to look at the real me
I would be covered in gashes, bruises and broken bones
A scar for each memory that seared me like hundreds of sharp stones

If everything was stripped back, you would watch me as I bleed 
For the things I long to express and say, I wish that could exceed
But I never say a word, no, they stay hidden for the greater good and there they will forever stay
At least that is what I eternally pray

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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