My Intimate Poetry: Hurt.

Hello lovely readers, this week has been a cluster of events! My mother & father's pearl wedding anniversary, my one-year blogiversary and more. Enjoy!

Everytime I even remotely try to get deep into what's in my mind, it gets sidestepped. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

What good comes from opening up?
Excruciating heartbreak? Taunting pain?
How do I talk when I’m not wanted to be heard?
Shouldn't I be able to confide in at least one person?

I’ve given up trying, yes I truly have
There is no will or determination left anymore
I'm emotionally recluse
Hide everything I really am and feeling

The dark secrets of my past
They aren’t something I ever intend to share with anyone now
They would never understand what I say
No matter how I explain

One tiny sentence can send me into a spiral
I’m a hurricane drunk
Forever mentally drinking myself away
Just so I don’t feel the pain for a little while

There is this one kind and gentle fella who I feel connected to
He is someone I want to ask to
Kiss my ache and discomfort away
And lick my wounds with your silver tongue

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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