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Hello lovely readers, this evening my poetry will be taking a turn in the direction of uncut goodness in this first entry of a scorching lust duet.

*Due to it's nature and content, I would prefer that my younger readers navigate away from this poem.*

Lust is lethal but oh so adequate to anatomy’s appetite. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins

I lay here and reminisce alone.
I recall you begging me to proceed in a breathless groan.
Words so sinful left me panting in your ear,
As your hands slid around and clutched my rear.

I beg, I plead, everything I say.
I revel in every moment as we play.
A forbidden territory we tread upon, yes, it’s true;
But I can’t resist anymore and neither can you.

What was once so innocent and shy,
Unravels into a blaze of yearning with each cry.
It’s enthralling, charring, so excruciatingly good.
What you do to me is a matter you’ve always understood.

I dig my nails into your back,
Rake them down with a thwack.
You slither your tongue across my skin nice and slow,
Then bare your teeth and nibble down below.

Eyelids shutter as I lose control,
You ignite an inferno deep within my soul.
The sinners within us delight with glee,
As we give into the desperation of desire’s plea.

Here I am, on my own,
Recollecting how you left my mind blown.
One day, we’ll come together once more,
To relive the satisfaction given to one another’s core.

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

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  1. At long last :)

    Well worth the wait and sexual tension generated in anticipation...

  2. That was beautiful! I loved it because it elicited amazing and exciting memories for me and my husband. Thank you. :)


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