My Intimate Poetry: Cut.

Hello lovely people, it has been a beautiful week full of sunshine. I spent my Bank Holiday doing a cheeky bit of shopping. After some rather terribly funny incidents that involved clothes and a bikini bottom snapping, I've declared that my backside is too big. But hey, as long as it's toned I'm a happy woman. *chuckles* On the bright side, I encountered a very lovely Italian man and bagged myself some lovely things.

Tonight's poem is an extremely dark & meaningful one to me. We are all afraid of the shadows that stalk us day & night. The memories of the pain we've been through. They are things we cannot erase or forget. However. We can move on. With time, love and support, the light will find its way through the darkness to us & guide us to a life we will be able to live. Enjoy!

“The scars from our past will always haunt us but they can never hurt us again." ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Deep pain sears her at each and every corner
She knows and fears that he lurks deep within the shadows
Waiting patiently like a serpent stalking its prey for the right moment to strike
To infect her with his fatal venom of spite and menace

He never shows mercy upon her as she shakes and bleeds
The salty tears burn her cheeks as they trail down
The muffled pleas are met with sinister laughs
The feeling of helplessness and defeat fills her as she falls

With every word that slithers from his toxic mouth
Her courage and self-esteem dissolves that little bit more
No one hears her desperate cries for help no matter how loud they are
They are always ignored with little pity or sympathy

She longs for the day when the world is rid of him at long last
Little does she know that fortune has and always will favour the brave
And my God if she’s not a symbol of braveness
Then nothing is

In the later years she will finally be able to live her life happily
Encircled by those who she loves and is loved in return
She will never feel his callousness touch her again
All that would be left is the battle-wound scars of where he caused harm

Nevertheless, he will always be there, in the darkness of her past
The memory of his wrath will continue to haunt her until her last breath
Only in her dreams will he be able to reignite that fear
Like he did all those years ago

But for now, life had other plans for her. . .

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


  1. Wow Tammy your very talented Hun, your quote particularly touches me as I associate with this pain from my past! Thank-you xo

    1. Thank you, Deb. I truly appreciate your adoration. I am both happy that you've connected with this poem & sad that it has occurred in your past. When I write the quotes to accompany the poems, they all come from a part of me. xo


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