My Intimate Poetry: How You Remind Me.

Hello lovely readers, it has been a tiring but lovely week for me. I was locked up in a cinema for two hours Monday night watching the remake of The Great Gatsby. I'll admit, I do like a bit of Leo but I knew the story and seen the original. I can't say I'm disappointed. The soundtrack was a fantastic mix of modern and vintage. The ending was much more effective, much better than the original. I'll keep this brief and vague encase any of you lovely readers haven't heard, seen or know the story of The Great Gatsby.

It's funny how a song can ignite an emotion or memory. Maybe the words are trying to tell us something. Even guide us perhaps. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

He strokes the soundboard and gracefully strums a chord
She glides her slender hand along the fall and tentatively presses a key
They begin a gentle harmony
A pen quietly scripting the beautiful melody

Oh so sweet. Oh so peaceful.

She takes a seat on the stool and softly hums
He grips the fingerboard and tenderly utters the words
A rose-breasted grosbeak fluttering in and perching on the music rack, tweeting away
They construct together an elegant rhythm

Oh so sweet. Oh so charismatic.

He tugs at the strings to sing louder and remind her
She abuses the pedals to project her voice more powerfully and remind him
They compose a emotional tempo
A piece of paper filling itself with the story of them

Oh so sweet. Oh so gripping.

She slows the keyboard's voice and tenderly closes the lid
He hushes the soundboard and puts the strings to rest
A moment of complete understanding and overwhelming adoration washes over them
They smile at one another as ever so softly, the song continues in their kindred souls

Oh so sweet. Oh so perfect.

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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