My Intimate Poetry: Up in the Air.

Hello lovely readers, after the publication of My Intimate Poetry: Up in Flames, I received quite a few responses. I am truly both surprised and grateful at the general positive reviews I got. It was a gamble and reflects on what Temptation Bites is like with the more saucy scenes. After some thinking and encouragement from a lot of readers, I decided to write a sequel. Enjoy!

WARNING! This poem mild sexual content and will leave the reader drooling! Young lovely readers, I advice you not to read this.

Sin is sin. A transgression. Why does it have to look so sexy? ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Tomorrow. I will curl up alone and begin to write
Of the night before when your darkness consumed my light
How I am now enticing Eve to your virtuous Adam. Devilish Temptress to your Priest.
The closer we get, the sooner the passion we try to conceal will be unleashed
I will write about the moment the anticipation was too much to handle
The second we began a lover’s most passionate and wicked scandal

The sheets scrunching up, my knuckles turning white
Suppressing my desires is difficult when neither of us can fight
With every delicious word that leaves your mouth
I’m light-headed with lust all over again as your lips trail south
My throat is consumed by moans, whimpers and yelps you ignite
With the mere flick of your tongue, a caress from your calloused fingers and the tender flesh you gently bite

You love to run your hands all over my backside
Kissing and nibbling the part of me you treasure most, stretching me wide
I love to watch you lose control when my pants of pleasure fill your ears
As you go deeper and deeper still, oh how good you make me feel my dear
Our darkness devours the tiny spec of light in our souls
Why is it that whenever I’m with you, I feel whole?

Don’t stop! Never turn back! Is what my lips utter
Feeling the tingling sensations spread across my body in a flutter
Kiss me, lick me, taste me, take me now. Don’t hold back any more
Patience has evaporated, no longer an option like before
Lose yourself completely in me as I do in you
With the craving & the desperation from the darkness we never knew

We repaint over and over a vivid sketch of a tortured you & I
Each time we delve into the world that is forbidden, where our hunger lies
Your honey eyes that glisten in the moonlight beg me so much to sin
It only makes it more painful to not give in
We never make it easy for one another with the constant playful teasing
Knowing no matter how much it pushes the boundaries, it’s always pleasing

A wicked smile tugs at my lips at the time we shared
The stolen kisses, the treasured moments, the secrets bared
Yes, we inspire one another each time we touch upon the illicit lust
A relationship built on an underlining of fierce loyalty and trust
Let the fantasy spill onto the pages of my book, let it flow through my fingertips
And let every word be forever remembered from your sweet, sweet lips

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Lately, My Intimate Poetry has consumed my blog but rest assure that I will be updating you all on everything on my life very soon!

Tammy xo


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