London Collections: Men. Part Two.

Hello lovely readers, it’s time for my thoughts on Day Two (17th June) of the London Collections: Men!

Please note that all images of the LCM are provided by London Collections.

J.W. Anderson started off Day Two with a feminine stylised-monk-robe collection. Going for noir & other pale tones, Anderson demonstrated that he was made for creating items that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man. There are definitely no points to looking masculine in this collection! The unisex clothing is a striking yet genius idea. Although my initial impression was a: “Huh?” I think this is quite handy for people. 
Next up in the early hours of Day Two was Hunter Gather. It was in December of 2012 that we the debut of fashion editor and stylist David Bradshaw’s label. Having recently launched an in-store café, slightly unnerving mannequins–I’m a bit apprehensive about dummies. Street Artists playing mannequin I have to thank for that!–modelled the clothes. David’s designs were ones I can quite easily see on the majority of young men walking down the street. The clothes were casual and breezy with of course, a fashiontastic touch. 
Jimmy Choo. *drools* Who doesn’t love a bit of JC?  In my eyes, every girl and woman should be gifted with a pair of JC heels. From spiked-star converses badge-pinned round toed shoes, the patterns and styles were diverse, aimed at all generations. 
Margaret Howell is best known for her relaxed, lived-in, quality clothes and boy, she didn’t disappoint with her SS14 collection. For four decades we’ve been blessed with both men’s & women’s clothing. With this particular collection, the everyday worker man should take a look. Her designs are not “Oh my god, I’ve never seen that!” nor are they “Gah, how ghastly.” They are just right for anyone and everyone. 
Debuting in 2007 by photographer Adam Brown, Orlebar Brown specialises in stylishly tailored beach & swimwear. With rather attractive models, the clothing was tasteful and practical, even having the odd suit thrown in. I think they could’ve been a few more outfits but what was supplied was acceptable. 
“All for one and one for all.” The Three Fashionteers is what Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery have been dubbed as with their brand Sibling. I love it when a brand has more than one designer. Also that they were all equal to one another. I adored the denim love and the small smile that tugged on all the models’ lips. There were a few unusual pieces (as you can see in the Sibling photo featured in this post)but all in all, it was a delightful showcase. 
KTZ are just downright strange with their clothes in my eyes. Truly. It’s a bit too out there for me so I’ve decided not to comment on it. 
YMC is known for creating understated classic clothing with a twist. I enjoyed the flexibility of colours and styles. A toned down presentation. Christopher Kane showed his eye for abstract art by printed it onto sets of clothes. After a closer look, I realized a few of the abstract designs resembled a face. The basic features are there. Interesting huh? 
Richard James contemporary take on fine tailoring reminds me of the clothing of Chuck Bass. Yes, I indulged in watching Gossip Girl whilst it airedVery prim, proper and sexily sophisticated. 
Clive Darby is the edge in a smart suit with the brand RAKE. The collection had both outfits for day & evening. A real mesh of things. I was really wowed by it but I did like it.
rag & bone sure like their fishing style hats. Keeping to black, cream & grey charcoal tones, r&b presented cool and casual clothing fit for a day when you don’t know how the weather will turn out.
I absolutely LOVED Katie Eary’s Flamingo Massacres showcase! So far, the circuit hadn’t had too much florescence so this was like a burst of light. Her glamorous streetwear is so crazy that  it works. I liked how she incorporated her skateboards into it. It was pretty fabulous. I wouldn’t be able to pull it off though! Maybe one of her swimwear.
My god, who does not love Alexander McQueen? Lee’s designs are extravagantly strange but in a good way. With artists inspiring each piece, the garments express emotion. Though some more subtle than others, Lee achieves a connection between the outfit and the customer.
“This season’s inspiration is made up of various threads coming together in one extravaganza! I have been looking at interiors; the styles in which we choose to decorate our spaces and how it reflects who we are to some extent. This idea expands into how men dress and prescribed notions of masculinity, particularly looking at Rick James.” ~ Martine RoseAt first, it took a moment to realise it was a male model but once that hurdle was jumped I found the short collection slightly underwhelming. On the contrary, I adore the idea in which Martine tried to bring to life. I think with a few more designs and careful scrutiny, the collection will be better. 
Each Season for London Collections: Men, Savile Row, along with many other great makers, present the “modern face of Britain”. It’s a reminder that London is the world capital of masculine style, and has been for over two centuries. Savile Row & St James's did wonderfully with their SS14 collection that was held at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The tailoring proved to be beautifully crafted with a combination of different materials. It was a very elegant and classy presentation. I would’ve killed to have been there! 
Oliver Spencer loved his quirky sunglasses. The clothes were fabulous, each had a peculiar aspect!  There was one outfit I found brilliant. It reminded me of builders as it had paint dotted around the outfit. 
It was hoodie heaven with CP Company! Now I must admit, although I tend to wear dresses in photos, at home I do find myself often in a nice warm hoodie. They’re nice and simple. CP Company gives a new edge to them with all sorts of colours, patterns and customizations.“In this day and age where clothing is seen as a form of personal identity, C.P. Company believes that their philosophy has become more actual – Function and Use has become a symbol of individuality, style and as always functionality.”
Finally, we are onto the last stop of Day Two. Hackett London. The home to luxury British menswear. For me personally, I get a Wall Street Banker vibe from all their collections. Their SS14 collection was more broadened but even with the Grease high school cardigan, I still got the vibe. They are all about the bow ties & ties which is why I love their fashion sense. 

Who was my favourite designer from LCM: Day Two? Hmm. I think it's got to be: Savile Row & St James's.

Of course, I think it's in order to include a photo of Mr Gandy from Day Two too! See? I know what you love. *winks & chuckles*

So that is all for tonight! Stay tuned for my thoughts on Three of the LCM coming soon!

Tammy xo


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