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Hello lovely readers, earlier this week I announced the blog has reached 10000 views! Can you believe it? Such fabulous news! Now, for the last few days I have been eagerly reading the updates of the collections via GQ. It's no secret that I adore fashion and I am extremely jealous of anybody lucky enough to be at the events writing about the clothes. Nonetheless, although I couldn't be there I'm still going to write a bit on it.

Please note that all images of the LCM are provided by London Collections.

So on LMC's Eve, everything kicked off with the invited-only Dolce & Gabbana Presentation of Summer 2014 Tailoring Collection & Menswear Store Opening. And excellent designer choice if you ask me. Female passers most likely swooned as forty-six rather dashing male models walked in unison towards & into the store dressed designer suits of the Spring 2013 tailoring collection. Sicily's most stylish exports kicked off the three-day fashion circuit fantastically. The new collection was inspiration by the soul of British gentlemen and the 60's. A time when it was all about the pinstriped shirts, polka-dot bow ties florescent coloured shoes.

GQ had a enlightening chat with the pair about a variety of things but the two in particular caught my eye in relevance:

The stylish models strutting their stuff. ― Source.
GQ: You're celebrating your new shop in London. What's the most exciting feature?
Domenico Dolce: A new concept where the Italian tailoring tradition meets with that of the English in a unique space designed specifically for London. On the walls we've blended tailoring fabrics with the classic grey pinstripe, brocade wallpapers and vintage furniture by Fornasetti. On the floor there's Italian wood mixed in with black and mauve marble. We've crossed a traditional Sicilian barber shop together with a tailoring business. It is too complicated to explain, you must live it!
Stefano Gabbana: This is a another step in a new interesting project: the creation of special boutiques inspired by the places where they are set, which inside shows our typical style and language blending with the soul of the various cities, such as London in this case.

GQ: Who is your best-dressed British man?
Domenico Dolce: The thing we like most is that every one has his own style - they all are charismatic. Think of Brian Ferry, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and so on. Every one of them has his very own specific style.

So who was at this event other than the drool-worthy model hunks in suits? None other than pop singer, Kylie Minogue, the darling actress, Olivia Grant, and of course, the ruggedly handsome D&G model & muse, David Gandy! And many more.

From Left to Right: Domenico & Stefano with Kylie Minogue,
Olivia Grant and Domenico & David Gandy.
Day One arrived on Sunday 16th with a killer line-up. Though some items caused me to raise my brows in surprise and confusion, there were some pieces that I liked in it's unique style. Whenever there is a fashion show, there are bound to be those outfits which make you think: "How bizarre!"
Lou Dalton.
Lou Dalton started Day One off with her crisp, subtle tones. Miss Dalton is a fabulous designer. I am especially a fan of her warmer-toned clothing. Personally, I perceive that LD’s true element is in the Autumn/Winter collections. 2013’s autumn & winter collection is currently my favourite. Lou’s showcase–held at Victoria House–for Spring/Summer left me with mixed emotions as there were a few items that were bizarrely unique. Despite this, I absolutely loved the combination of a black suit blazer with a quilted jacket underneath. Pretty funky! Kay Kwok shows his passion for vibrant bursts of colours through all of his pieces. From a classic silver coloured silk-ripple-shine effect to a whole white suit patterned by red-outlined springs, the Chinese designer has been classed as one we’ll be hearing about more in the future. John Smedley. I was slightly distracted by the good-looking models at first. Once I focused on the clothes, I was happy to see a vintage take designer within the sea of modern creators. Based in a physical
John Smedley.
education gym hall, the models showed off
 Grease style clothes with a touch of current edge. I particularly liked a black ensemble consisting of a zip collar jumper and sweatpants. What can I say? Sweatpants are my weakness. Topman pulled out a Western Movie theme with their velvety & silk dress shirts and trousers. What impressed me was the beautifully illustrated embroidery. I will be very interested to see if these items become the new must-wears. Dominic Jones is an extremely talented jeweller if I’ve ever seen one. And that's saying something when I'm not a huge fan of wearing jewellery (apart from rings and earrings). Male jewellery I am also not much of a fan off as it can at times make them more feminine that I'd personally like. On the contrary, his SS14 presentation was superb. I especially liked the golden cufflinks on display. Hardy Amies knows his element when he pulls out beautifully tailored suits, both casual and smart. I can't fault any of his pieces in any way. Held in 30 St Mary Axe's skyscraper (aka The Gherkin), the show proved to be a complete summer closet for the modern London lifestyle. All I can do is hope the majority of Britain’s male population grabs
Kay Kwok.
themselves one of Amies’ suits. When a suit looks good on a man, you bet your ass I'll slyly ogle him. Really going for a UFO Peace kind of style,
 Astrid Andersen produced some rather odd clothes. As the models came walking down the runway, it became clear lace was Andersen's current fascination. There was one particular model that strutted down the catwalk showing off his impressive abs in a white three-quarter length, skin tight shirt that cut off into a semi-circle above his chest. It’s fair to say, I was slightly stunned by the peculiar pieces. Glasgow born designer Jonathan Saunders has a keen eye for giving the basic t-shit a burst of colour. A baby blue rose emblazoned on a dark tan dress shirt is definitely an eye-catching piece but for good reasons. The patterns and prints blend splendidly with each different item. MAN–joint initiative between Topman and Fashion East–definitely showed they can be both fantastic and plain out bizarre as they sported their varied line. I loved the royal blue shoes, they were pretty groovy. Although I enjoyed much of their clothing, I wasn’t surprised to see a few tornado-aftermath, face-blocking “hats” in the midst of it all. Excellent wood work though. I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of those. They tend to unnerve me slightly. Would you not stare bewilderedly if a man passed you wearing jagged wood on his face? I truly do not mean to insult the designers. That is my only criticism of their show. I see them as excellent artistic inspiration but not as a fashion statement. “Modern and architectural. Mr Start is the definition of Shoreditch Luxury.” Mr Start & Mr Hare caters to the younger generation with university styled outfits. Lee Roach was all about the black and cream tones for SS14. I liked the simplicity of the designs. Although if you’re not an analyser like myself, all the clothing would blend into one.  Following the cowboy theme like Topman, Hentsch Man also presented a range of Wild Wild West pieces. Alexia (the designer encase you were wondering) is great with mixing her colours. One of the pieces that stood out for me was the checked shirt and trousers with a snake-scaled belt. I could really picture someone wearing it out and about. Richard Nicoll created a real mix of clothes for his presentation. In all honesty, I didn’t know where to look for a moment. Everything spoke volume in its own way. Roll out the posh partiers! That’s what Gieves & Hawkes did. There were Clark Kent, Daily Plant styled outfits. There were James Bond shades and sexily tailored navy suits. There was even a Nate Archibald outfit in there! And of course, I mustn't forget the bow ties. Agi & Sam’s collection liked to dabble with fashioning lab coats and hospital gowns. The idea was great and I loved the concept but I think there needed to be a little more…colour? The colours were too plain Jane for me. Spencer Hart is the prince of classic with an edge. Nick (the designer) of course pulled out some brilliant pieces and I look forward to see what else he comes up with!

Who was my favourite designer from LCM: Day One? Hmm. I cannot narrow it down to one. So my top two favourites are: Gieves & Hawkes & Hardy Amies.

From Left to Right: Gieves & Hawkes & Hardy Amies.
So that is all for tonight! Stay tuned for my thoughts on Day Two & Three of the LCM!

Tammy xo


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