My Intimate Poetry: Paradise.

Hello lovely readers, Friday has arrived! That doesn't really mean much to me as I am spending the weekend working. Anywho, tonight's poem is extremely fresh and one that was inspired by the beauty of nature. Enjoy!

Although we forget the past, there are some memories that are worth revisiting. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Sunshine dies away
Magnificent lights dim and fade 
Moonlight starts to rise
As the glistening stars begin to shine the way

Oh my sweet paradise.

Glorious music fills the midnight air
Instruments harmonize into a fluent melody of sorts
Animals awaken with a sensual start
Purring with the rhythmic lullaby

Oh my mesmerizing paradise.

Hips shake in a quiver of delight
A hypnotic tune that manipulates the body & soul
Musical laughter fills all ears
The forgotten now become known once more

Oh my paradise.

Exquisite bioluminescence creatures light the ocean & sky
Fireflies gliding across with erratic yet graceful speed
They race the jellyfish with excitement and happiness
Bobtail squids floating elegantly behind

Oh my paradise.

And finally I remember what I’d forgotten long ago
The world is a unique and beautiful place
As it shines in the grinning daylight
As it shimmers in the sweet moonlight

Even on its darkest day.

It is always my paradise.

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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