My Intimate Poetry: Tanto.

Hello lovely readers, it's Friday! Which means it's the last day that of My Intimate Poetry on sale for £0.77/$1.16! Go grab your copy! Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) Tonight's poem is inspired by a few events in my novel Temptation Bites. Enjoy!

Stories untold are stories wasted. Talesboth happy, sad and horrificwere made to be told and retold again & again. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Aging walls through the corridors whisper of witnessing a passionate crime
An affair between a woman and her teacher, the most sinfully tragic of all time 
Her flirtatious ways and his seductive charm
Created a lover’s tryst doomed to be filled with anguish and destructive harm

parientes espíritus anhelo amarnos unos a otros en un mundo de muerte y batalla
(Kindred spirits longing to love one another in a world of demise and battle)

It was a tale of a young woman surrounded by monstrous death
Who met the love her life when her treasured ones were taking their last breath
How the doors to her fading family shut by the callous hand of their killer
And the doors to a new life with him unlocked, one of countless thrillers

Valentía heroica se acercó a ella, naturalmente, a través de toda la angustia
(Heroic bravery came to her naturally through all the anguish)

Sensual promises of beautiful, carnal bliss
All sealed with one single, passionate kiss
Chasing off the overwhelming vulnerability and forced independence
To replace it with a confident manner of ascendance

 La increíble belleza ella sostiene es visible para todo el mundo menos a sí misma
(The incredible beauty she holds is visible to everyone but herself)

She dreamed the days would never end as he cradled her in his arms
Protecting her from the harm of the world that had a taste for her blood, keeping her calm
But she knew it wouldn't last for long, nothing ever did for her
Their love would be tested and hearts would be ripped apart in a miserable, heartbreaking blur

El amor no sería amor si era suavizar todo el camino 
(Love would not be love if it was smooth all the way)

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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