My Intimate Poetry: Heaven in This Hell.

Hello lovely readers, my, my this week has been hectic. I am knackered beyond belief.  Enjoy tonight's poem!

The lines of heaven and hell blur where lust is concerned. And it couldn't be anymore sexier. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Passion and desire
It’s such an intoxicating inferno
A light that never ceases burning
Where the thirst for lust knows no bounds
An eternal quest for ever-lasting pleasure
There is no other more delicious kind of torture

Every day we all are plunged into temptation
Ignited by the most innocent of teases and taunts
All ammunition to fulfill the fantasy that builds within ourselves
As an infatuation of the mind begins to rise
Each thought accompanied with bewitching hunger
The ache. The pull. They only encourage the longing

They yearn for what they fear for
What we fear is losing control
And beauty awakens the soul to act

That one person holds the power
How true Dante’s words are, such agony beneath his words
The lines between love and lust truly blur by the fervour flames of hell

An euphoric sense clouds our judgments as it engulfs us
That first taste, so erotic and alluring
That first time, so beautiful yet so, so wrong
The craving uses our huge naivety to its advantage
Karma will eventually catch up to us
But that time is far away and the fun is only beginning. . .

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


  1. Brilliant words and yes Dante's words are powerful!

    1. Thank you, lovely Deb! Yes, Mr Alighieri is quite inspiring! xo


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