My Intimate Poetry: I Put a Spell on You & Ugly.

Hello lovely readers. It has been a very busy couple of weeks, no, months for me. For the last couple of days I've been in a constant state of a subconscious slumber. *chuckles* 

Earlier this week, I received an incredible email from a lovely friend which really reminded me how much I love blogging. So I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Rachael. For giving me my first interview as an author and for being a wonderful friend!

As promised, tonight is a double-bill of My Intimate Poetry. These two poems are couldn't be more different. Sadness and lust.Enjoy tonight's double bill!

I Put a Spell on You

Your magic enchants me every time. . .because you were meant to be mine.  ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

The thought of temptation
There’s nothing more bittersweet
Enticement of the mind
Allurement of the body
With the simplest of words filled with heat

Aching, needing, burning desire
Each one takes me to the point of expire
Oh yes! I would cry out in the midst of pleasure
Constant begging as I panted and writhed
Just a little more!

The passion you express
Is enough to forget all those lonely nights
Your voice, your touch, your skin, your lips
Ever so inviting, but I can't give in

And so temptation left sulkily
For I would not succumb
My goodness and inner Eirene chased it away
Because I would not have my walls undone

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins


I’m clumsy. I'm often too tired to be smart. Show some mercy and compassion. 
In my line of work, assumptions are made all the time. But only few hurt.  ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Oh how quick you are to come to a false conclusion and judge me
When I make a drowsy mistake subconsciously
One little moment and you take it all away
Just like that, you say you cannot stay

Though you’ve sinned already, too much in fact
Yet here I remember the odd words you spat
They cease to affect me as you’ve misunderstood
There is no possibility of allowing me to explain this, no you never would

In my life, I have been through so much
A couple decades of pain, could you handle such..?
We knew only few things about one another
But I trusted you and treasured our friendship, and now I must once more suffer

Alas, time will change and I shall move on
Rather than think about the painful fact you’re gone
So I’ll focus on myself for once, I’ll do what I can
To forget that lovable and extraordinary Scottish man

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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