My Intimate Poetry: Cupid.

Hello lovely readers, it's Manic Monday! Inspiration is induced by almost anything for me. Whether it's something I see, something I hear, something I smell, something I feel or even something I taste. So to liven up such a dreary Monday, why not a spicy little poem? Enjoy!

Sinfully delicious devils are not in hell. No. They are here. Everywhere. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Have I lost my mind?
With want and need combined
Does desire make me blind?
My thirst and hunger aligned

There you stand, scorching heat in your hazel eyes
Admiring my delicate and lacy thigh highs
Whilst I watch bewitched as you grow in size

The moisture between my legs you apprise

Your fingers slither across my skin
Delicious lips inviting me in
Eyes asking me so desperately to sin
Instantly liquefying within

Intoxicate me with your taste
Trailing kisses down to your waist
I take my time and tease away, there’s no haste
Give into your senses and revel in my embrace

Laboured breath and growls I ignite
With your belt between my teeth as I roughly bite
Hands cupping my head, holding me tight
“Patience,” I utter “We have all night.”

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

To be continued. . .

Tammy xo


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