My Intimate Poetry: Last to Know.

Hello lovely readers, it has been a week of exhaustion for me! Having a bit of a setback unfortunate with my M.E.. Enjoy tonight's poem!

When punches are thrown, it is noticed by the world. When blood is spilled however, it bleeds in its own solitude. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

As I wander the streets of this dark past of mine
The haunting memories of you & I return
Our title rusted upon a fatigued sign
Awaiting my fury, wanting to feel it’s excruciating burn

Perish like I did when you ripped me to shreds
With cruel affliction of my mind, my body, my heart
You were the puppeteer whilst I hung by a fragile thread
I was your muse to abuse in order to create enthralling art

The moment you laid a single callous finger upon my skin
I knew my time was coming to an end
As to you, inflicting pain and feeling pleasure were akin
Unaware of the monster you were becoming, something to apprehend

I clawed my way out, barely escaping in one piece
Left with too many lingering, evocative scars to count
Even though you almost succeeded to put my existence in a state of cease
With one single weapon, a tiny vessel was the right amount

Stalked for months, I not once stopped looking over my shoulder
Fearing you would round the corner with that look in your crazed eyes
Watching me attempt to hide behind a disguise much bolder
Staring at the very thing you “loved” and despised

That chilling day shall never depart from me
When a crowded street watched in horror as you aimed the pistol
Creating the final scar from you upon my body and then proceeding to flee
The moment it reached my skin it was, at first, as painful as a thistle

It was only a mere second later the throbbing began and blood began to pour. . .

In the present you’re long gone, forbidden to re-enter my life
I have incarceration to graciously and eternally thank for that
Allowing me to now live a life without pain, abuse or violent strife
The door to “us” is firmly closed. Only a memory. A nightmare. That finally ended at last

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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