My Intimate Poetry: See You Again.

Hello lovely readers, it's been quite a week for me...Enjoy the poem!

In Memory of a wonderful person I knew.

The end of a life will never cease to sting every mournful soul. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

Every day a life is taken
As a new one graces the world
Each one tells a compelling tale
Of how a beautiful life can be stolen
From the tender clutches of a loving mother
From the affectionate embrace of devoted father
And how a new life is born in the form of a sacred memory
Like a lullaby. One that will sing for eternity.

The loss of a friend
That one with the caring, wise soul
Hurts us all like a dagger through the heart
Whether we knew them since childhood
For a simple day
An hour
A mere moment
Or maybe barely at all

There is no greater pain or agony
Like the sudden loss of a life
An empty hole left in the depth of a soul
A hole that can never be put back together
The special place to carry that person with us
Burning tears will be shed, denial will arrive
Before mourning consumes us entirely
As the impact of death smashes into us devastatingly

But why must we dwell on the agony?
Let us raise a glass and toast 
To the magnificence of that friend, that wonderful human being
Let us celebrate their existence as they would have desired us to
Let us recall all the many warm and blissful times of their life
And finally
Let us live for them as their spirit watches from above
Until the very end, with a gleaming smile lighting our lips

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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