My Intimate Poetry: There You'll Be.

Hello lovely readers... This was quite a difficult one to write for a number of reasons so I do apologize that it is not my best work.

Though our spirit was meant to be broken, our strength and love overpowered it. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

One day remains prominent with us all, a way we are affined
A horrific memory burned into the darkest part of our mind
Of the morning thousands of people perished one September day
When the World Trade Center became Al-Qaeda’s prey

Precious lives departed the world before our tear blurred eyes
Strength silently began to arise
Though devastation was fresh and raw
Our hearts throbbed with grief, that was the final straw

Many heroes came to light and were born that shattering day
Our love and strength keeping their spirit alive every step of the way
A true example of our loyalty to one another
Just how precious our lives are, we would come to discover

We will always remember the pain we went through
But we will also remember the lives that were saved too
The people who died for us, the people who saved us all
An emotion in such rare form and the only one preventing us to fall


One September morning twelve years ago, the world stood still
A shared prayer was uttered, a desperate request to fulfil
In the present, we light a candle for all those lost and remember them

The day the world's heart stopped, the day the world's strength was renewed

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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