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Hello lovely readers, at the beginning of this month I wrote a post with a list of goals entitled 'September Resolutions'. In total, I had five resolutions and today I am focusing on Resolution #3: Take something positive from each day and tell everybody why it made me smile. I have been posting on Twitter each day what made me smile and with the tight character limit, I thought why not write a post?

What made me smile today. . .

September 1st
My favourite season had begun!
Call me strange but I absolutely love the colder times of the year. That’s what happens when you live in the UK! My favourite season of all is Autumn. It’s the only time when the weather flits between warm and cold to the right temperature. I love watching the leaves crisp and the streets lit by reds and browns.
September 2nd
Cameron Lincoln and his power to induce smiles.
Cameron is highly adorable and that day he put me in a constant state of glee. We’d seemingly lost touch for a few months due to our RL and it was wonderful to catch up. As ever, Mr Lincoln was ever so sweet and charming.
September 3rd
Birds of a Feather is back!
With the launch of a new TV channel, I, of course, explored it and what did I find? Birds of a Feather! The irony in this is that a few months before, I heard that it would be coming back for a new series after fifteen years.
September 4th
I’ve got my shopaholic tendencies under control!
I was in town for an appointment and was faced with fashion sales…Oh how I wanted to go crazy. Who wouldn’t? Especially after spotting a pair of heels. But. With great restraint, I stopped myself. I actually kept my shopping fever at bay.
September 5th
Darwin Blake and his unwavering adoration.
I have been friends with fellow poet, Darwin Blake, for quite some time now. What can I say? I love this man. That day I found out that a friend of mine had passed on. I was feeling rather sad and mournful when I spoke to him. After an uplifting chat, he sent me a poem he wrote for me. To be honest, I didn’t know whether to smile or cry. It was such a beautiful poem. The next day I received a message from him saying he’d posted it. Click here to read it!
September 6th
Positivity kept me sane after a stressful week.
The week had been extremely taxing and traumatic. There were many times I just wanted to retreat and hide. However, positivity kept me going. I thought about things that made me happy and stuff to look forward to. The oddest things can keep your sanity intact.
September 7th
The dedication my lovely readers have for me.
There are definitely moments when I am stunned at just how much my lovely readers enjoy my work and my ramblings. There are times when lovely readers will send me photos of places they have been because I’ve said I love going there. There are times when I receive emails expressing that I’ve helped people in some way or another or that I’m inspiring. It’s all so surreal.
September 8th
Belle’s cuteness scale knows no bounds.
My little terror has a habit of sitting on important items of mine, most notable my paperwork. I once came home to find her sprawled out on stack. Needless to say I was not impressed. But recently she has taken to sitting on my laptop…my laptop keyboard…whilst I’m working on it. On this occasion it was a Sunday night and there is always something that needs to be done. So when Belle noticed me working hard in bed, she decided to retreat from her spot on beside me and sit on the keyboard. Deary me.
September 9th
Amazon Kindle is for kids too!
As an author and a lover of books, I am always encouraging children to read. Then one evening an advert came on the television created by Amazon. I’m telling you, I have never smiled so much at Amazon before. Click here to see why!
September 10th
Even on my lowest day, animals make it better!
It was early morning when I arrived at the Pain Clinic. I was exhausted and lethargic. Barely aware of anything around me. That is until I felt something nuzzling my foot. I peered down to see the most adorable fluffy Chihuahua staring up at me. I couldn’t help myself but bend down to give it a cuddle. When standing up, the owner turned around, I apologized but then I realized something…he couldn’t hear me. This Chihuahua was a guide dog.
 September 11th
I am forever watching crimes shows!
For those of you who don’t know, I am fascinated by serial killers and their modus operandi. Especially one Mr Jack the Ripper. So when the crime series Whitechapel came out four years ago, I was hooked. Now onto season four, Whitechapel has finished the JTR storyline but are still going strong. I love the show and its special effects as much as I love the storylines…and of course, I do have a soft spot for Rupert Penry-Jones.
September 12th
Stress reliving chats with my CP.
My CP is a lovely woman. She helps me in many ways. And there are times when I nice chat with her can relax me.
September 13th
My birthday glasses bought by my mother!
As I mentioned in my Shine On Award post, I wear glasses and there was a pair I’ve had my eyes on. My fabulous mother only went and bought them for me! It’s fair to say, I squealed and jumped up & down for a while. *chuckles*
September 14th
Songs from back in the day!
I was working one morning when suddenly a tune from the past came on the radio. For the first time in years, I listen to ‘Crashed the Wedding’ by Busted. There’s nothing quite like having a blast from the past to liven up the morning.
September 15th
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is finally beginning to be recognised!
As I’ve said many times, there are many people in the media that deny the existence of M.E. and it angers me. But upon purchasing Fabulous magazine, I was stunned to find a page of a woman’s struggles M.E. in it. I could very much relate to her story.
September 16th
Little adverts that have the ability to make you giggle everytime!
This month I’ve seem to have been watching a lot of TV (too many good shows on!) and an advert caught my eye. A man named Bruce cannot function in the mornings and then one day stumbles into a sandwich shop and suddenly turns hunky. I am, of course, talking about Subway’s advert. When Bruce is wearing his suit back to front… Damn, it gets me everytime.
September 17th
The Northampton Clown…Scary? No. Brilliant!
I am terrified of clowns. They induce panic attacks. But on this occasion, I can make an exception. In North Hampton (UK), a man has been popping up all over the place ever since superstitious Friday the 13th. Normally I’d be frightened stiff but because he’s not only miles away and I can see the genius behind it, I love it. A new level to Stephen King’s ‘IT’.
September 18th
Behold the Blackberry Q5!
My Blackberry phone was due for an update and after some research into the type of features I required, I purchased the Q5. The reason I use Blackberry mobiles is because of my fibromyalgia. My hands can’t do touchscreen so a keyboard–although still painful–is the best suitor for me. I am so pleased with this phone, it is fantastic!
September 19th
Sometimes a writer just needs to lock herself in the Writing Cave!
I have been swamped with TB edits, it’s unbelievable. With all the chaos going on, I haven’t been able to go through it so I finally found time to sit down and bury myself in many pages of my novel. It was amazing!
September 20th
Birds of a Feather first look!
Seeing Lesley Joseph, Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke filming the new series of Birds of a Feather really lifted my spirits. I am ever so excited for this new season!
September 21st
Belle continues her adorableness!
Belle has now taken up sleeping on my full-time. And I’d be laughing if I said I didn’t love it. The little terror is practically a hot water bottle!
September 22nd
The happier scenes in Temptation Bites!
My novel is set in a very dark setting. But when I write a more joyful scene, I can’t help but smile and think: “This is beautiful.” As a writer, you can very attached to your characters, often having arguments with them because of something you have to write about. *chuckles*
September 23rd
The realization that I’ve achieved professionalism!
Unfortunately, I have endured a rather frightening predicament recently. An individualwhom does not know me nor has any connection to mehas been, well to put it bluntly, stalking me. I have never met them once in my life and truly do not know them from Adam so when I began to receive threats and abusive words, it came as a shock. I am, however, proud to say I remained calm and collected throughout the whole ordeal and this person has been eliminated out of my life without so much as a word from me.
September 24th
I accomplished September Resolutions #1!
"Overcome even more of my personal boundaries."
My anxiety is at an all time high due to my 
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis so many normal things people do are a great more difficult for me. I can have panic attacks if it's too much. But I was over the moon with pride when I overcame one of my biggest challenges yet, though there's still work to do there, I'm happy with the fact I managed to do something that frightens me.
September 25th
Beginning a brand new and exciting photography project!
As most of you know, I love photography. It's a passion I often indulge in and I am so excited to be beginning a project dedicated to it. Though I cannot say too much at this time, I will give you a clue about what it entails...Butterflies.
September 26th
Drooling over cars!
Another great love of mine is cars and I spotted this beautiful rich ruby Aston Martin V12 Zagato. Watching it breeze past onlookers just made me sigh with glee. The only thing missing was James Dean stepping out of it.
September 27th
Wonderful, unintentionally funny signs make my day!
After a blissful day, I was walking home and stopped dead in my tracks when I came face to face with a brilliant sign outside a salon, only a street away from my house. It read:
£15 BACK WAX £15
So why did this make me smile? Because I saw an extremely macho man sat in the salon waiting. It tickled me to think he may be sat in a leather chair having a facial in a matter of moments.
September 28th
Lovely Readers' Emails!
I always absolutely love getting emails for you lovely readers and on Saturday I received the sweetest one. I still find it surreal, even now, that even have just the one lovely reader, let alone hundreds of you. I am forever privileged and gracious for all of your support and your lovely messages. They make my day.
September 29th
I finally ticked September Resolutions #4 off my list!
"Make time to see good ol' friends."
This entire month has been a lot busier than I had planned and so my goal to catch up with my close and oldest friends has proved to be difficult. However, today I finally caught up with H, one of my oldest friends that I haven't seen in months. 
September 30th
I am still alive after all these years and I've stuck by my September Resolutions!
Has the month truly ended already? My, it's gone so quick. Very much like the year has. And today, what made me smile was not one but two things! One being that I have stood by all my resolutions and obeyed them. The other? The fact I am still alive after all these years. It is, of course, my birthday today. I tend to get reflective on this day and all I can think and feel is graciousness to still be around.

So that was one single thing that has made me smile each day of September! Perhaps I shall continue this? 

Now, I must away as it is my birthday

As always, I adore you all.

Tammy xo


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