September Resolutions.

Hello lovely readers, September is upon us! The glistening, auburn leaves of Autumn will soon set in. The Winter clothes will begin to resurface. And, of course, my birthday will be arriving. Since it's the start of Autumn and the end of Summer, I thought I'd share a few resolutions I've made for this month!

Overcome even more of my personal boundaries.
This Summer has been all about pushing my limits that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis set back in 2011. It was extremely hard but definitely worth it. 

Go easy on the shopping.
As I said in Stratford-upon-Avon: Beauty in the Sun, I am a bit of a shopaholic. This month though, I'm going to be on my best behaviour! . . .Although maybe I'll be just a bit naughty when my birthday comes.

Take something positive from each day and tell everybody why it made me smile.
 Recently I have been feeling rather down and low which has impacted the way I've been with people around me. So even on my lowest day, I'm going to find a good thing and speak about it.

Make time to see good ol' friends.
I have been in constant work mode for the last, well, nine months! And I haven't really had time to just sit down and have a catch up session with my lovely friends. Although this month will be packed, I'm making it my mission to see some of the wonderful people in my life.

And last but not least, my final resolution is: 
Spend more time in talking to you lovely readers
I have been absent quite a bit in the last few months due to my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis however, now I will be trying my absolute best to keep in touch with you all!


  1. Great thoughts and reflections sweetie xox

    1. Thank you, darling! The Summer has had it's day, it is time for a new season. What better than to set some goals to go along with it? xo


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