Hello lovely readers, recently I had a very interesting conversation with a dear friend of mine. We’ve known eachother for a long time and tend to talk about almost anything and everything. But when he shared a couple songs he wrote after tough breakup in the past, I was quite surprised. My friend is modest (perhaps worse than myself); to put it in his words this is what he said when he sent me the songs: “Here are a couple sucky songs I wrote.”  In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting terribly much but I was once more stunned when I read the two sets of lyrics. After a little convincing, my friend has allowed me to share these songs with you. But as poems. Enjoy!

Love is a Problem... 

I wish it was nine months ago, today. 
I'd do it all again but in a different way. 
A way in which meant you'd stay. 
Nine months ago our adventure started. 
Nine months later and we've departed. 
In hell I'd spend forever and a day. 
Just to make everything ok. 
I know I'm annoying, but I thank you for trying. 
Work with me to stop this crying.
I hope you don't think I've gone insane. 
I guess I only have myself to blame. 
I know we're young and we could move on. 
But right here, right now, you're the only one. 
I wish you'd miss me, just a little bit. 
If you did, maybe we could solve this sh*t. 
I'm sorry this is sad I hope you don't feel bad. 
The last thing that I want to say.
Is that you're beautiful in the most amazing way.
I hope one day you'll tell me that everything is ok. 
I refuse to give up this fight. 
How can I? When you're all I think about all day and night. 
I hope this song makes you happy.
Even though it’s incredibly sappy. 
I feel like an idiot, I really do.
But there is nothing, for you, that I wouldn't do. 
So in the meantime, wear a smile... 
If you don't reply then I'll talk to you in a while. 

...Because it's Never True 

I miss you more than I can say. 
I think about it every day. 
There are things you need to know. 
Things I can't quite explain. 
I can't believe I let you go. 
Just stop this pain. 
I hate you for this. 
But love you nonetheless. 
I made my mistakes. 
And I think you just made yours. 
But I'm scared this time there is no cure. 
Hopefully, one day, we'll look back at this and laugh. 
But until that day I'll just sit here in the dark. 
You found my insanity and let it feed. 
By ripping my heart out and making me bleed. 
I know I'm not perfect. 
But what can I do? 
Now you're gone. 
I'm just here missing you. 

Tammy xo


  1. Whom ever your friend is Hun tell him he's wonderful.... This is brilliant! xox

    1. I will pass that onto him. Although, knowing my friend, he'll be stubborn with accepting he's actually a good writer! xo


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