My Intimate Poetry: Lover of the Light.

Hello lovely readers, a few days ago lovely reader Deb Lane posted a poem featured on her blog by a fellow poet friend of mine. After scrolling through a few posts, I found out that she was holding a Poetry Challenge as a way of celebrating Poetry Week downunder in the wonderful land of Oz (aka Australia...come one, what did you think I meant? *chuckles*). Of course, as eager as ever, I asked if I could participate in this interesting challenge and thankfully, I was allowed! So here is my contribution to Poetry Week, enjoy!

Words, actions, notions and thoughts,
They all have a special place in my heart,
The very sacred piece your unwavering love bought.
~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

The mouth-wateringly rousing words you utter
Oh how they make my heart shamelessly flutter
Soft caress of your fingertips upon my skin
Secure in your tender hold, love and lust akin

Just for this fleeting moment, you are only mine
Want, need and longing combined, our bodies gently entwine
I come undone by the three words you whisper once more
Eliciting such an intense emotion I’ve never experienced before

You’re my fiery, passionate ball of light
Whether in the distance or right before my doe-eyed sight
Your glistening flame continues to melt my carefully carved walls
Crafted to protect myself yet you insist on making me fall

You kiss with deep meaning and sensual delight
Steal shy glances my way each and every night
Touch with warmth and adoration created to rock my core
Slowly but surely, this is how you’ve made me yours 

And yet, after all this time, my heart still flutters
By the same three words you so gloriously utter
Though now so far away, you express such strong devotion
For your love is still present through words across the oceans

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


  1. Dearest Tammy TY sweetheart for being apart of this challenge, I adore you and your beautiful words xoxoxo Debs

    1. It was my pleasure. I am very thankful I could take part. It was was wonderful. As ever, your support continues to motivate me and make me smile. xo


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