Naughty Halloween.

Hello lovely readers. Happy Halloween! The streets are filled with little monster squads whilst the underground is swamped with Don Drapers and American Marys. I think I prefer the latter, hand me my blood cosmo! I have a fabulous post instore for you tonight. I've been teasing shamelessly all you lovely readers that follow my social sites all week and now you can finally uncover what I've been hiding. Enjoy!

I would like to warn you beforehand that this is not for the younger lovely readers among you as it contains sexual content and adult situations that will will leave each and every one of you drooling!

Caroline Juliette ― Erotic/Contemporary Aspiring Poet ― | Twitter | ― Trick or Treat
49% sugar and 51% playful naughty spice.

An elegant invitation
A Halloween Masquerade Ball
Reluctantly I wear my gown and mask
not knowing what to expect at all

I arrive to a beautiful party
dancers taking the floor
Immediately I regret my decision
and I turn towards the door

A vision in black and white
stops me in my tracks, cold
You begin stalking towards me
My pulse racing my thoughts untold

Quickly you turn a corner
I watch you dart up the staircase
Curiosity taking over
I follow you in haste

I reach the top of the stairs
and peer down the long hallway
So many doors to choose from
My mind in disarray

I turn a few handles
All are locked to my disappointment
I see a door ajar
I can't hide my excitement

Walking through the threshold
In darkness I whisper, "Hello?"
I feel a breeze whip past me
the closing door follows

Without a word your hands on me
My wrists held above my head
Pressing me to the wall
My thoughts full of dread

Gently caressing my curves with one hand
I hear my zipper, dress then dropping
Pressing your knee between my thighs
Legs spread, corset buttons popping

Your hot breath on my lips
Your tongue pleading to enter
Fingers tracing my inner thighs
Finding my wet center

You pull my hair away from my neck
Holding me though I won't run
I hear your zipper then feel you
entering me, becoming one

You press me hard, relentlessly
Sucking and licking, neck and earlobes
Your hands find my breasts
Roughly massaging each globe

Lowering your hands you cup my ass
Lifting me, my legs wrap around you
I feel my climax pending
I know you are close too

As we cum together
I can't contain my scream
My head is light and fuzzy
I feel like I'm in a dream

Breathlessly you whisper
"Happy Halloween, my sweet"
I respond "Thank you baby,
I'm really glad you picked treat!"

2013 © Caroline Juliette

Deidre Meyrick ― Erotic/Contemporary Author & Poet ― | Twitter |  Wicked
Letting my soul bleed ink since before the end. Crafter of enlightening & of deliciously wicked words, and a member of several really small gangs.

by the pricking of my thumbs 
something wicked this way comes

from their perch of lofty seats
she watched intently to the old crone speak
a moment of silence then overheard
a keening sound, a moaning word

though it was but whispered
the sound carried 'cross the way
a tendril of heat slowly unfurled
enticing the risqué

she swept her eyes through the darkened theater
searching for the source
her breath catching in her throat
as she becomes the voyeur

she sees them now
forward one and a level down
she fanned herself hastily
feeling faint in her ballgown

oh the sights she did behold
the debauchery of the depraved
where anyone could witness
how this lady was debased

so intense was the visage
so profound her own desire
the constriction of her corset
heaved her breasts higher and higher

panting as she watched the play
within the play
she felt every squeeze and tug
every lick and kiss displayed

lost in the fervent scene before her very eyes
the flames of her yearning it fueled
she didn't notice her lover's return
until he whispered, beguilingly aloof

do you like what you see
veiled through masked anonymity
time for you to come my sweet
happy all hallows' eve

2013 © Deidre Meyrick
1606 © William Shakespeare (Act 4, Scene 1 ― Macbeth)

S ― Erotic/Contemporary Author & Poet ― REVENGE
Feisty corset-lover and mother of three with a taste for the erotic side of life. With each lyrical word written, a new secret is told, unbeknownst to the reader, of what darkness it may hold.

She came to his room
Pleading for
Another chance
Her beauty
Shining through
His need for relief
Made him except
Her offer
As she unbuttoned
His jeans
And took him in hand
The misty moonlight
Shone through the
It was then
That he saw
Her beauty was gone
Before him did stand
An undead soul
Before he could run
Her cold lips
Wrapped around his length
Fear gripping his heart
Yet not his shaft
As her cold
Wet mouth
Surrounded him
Taking him
Into her dry
Rasping throat
Her skeletal fingers
Caressing his sac
And rolling
Mouth moving
Pulling his
Closer to release
Those dead eyes
Seeming to
See into his soul
Filling him with dread
As this spectre
Took his essence
His life force
He watched
Her smirk
Evil at best
He knew he was lost
By the way
That she cackled
His heart then
Did stop
Never to beat
And with this
Her revenge
Was complete
Her heart he had
Shattered until
Her own life
She did take
To sleep until
This night of mischief
When she returned
From the grave.

2013 © S
I hope you lovely lot enjoyed that! Upon receiving them, I fell in love over and over. Thank you ever so much, my lovely girls for offering your time and precious talent for my post tonight. And now, let's end with a trip down Death Valley. . .

We all need our very own Spike to make death sweet. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

His devilish tongue loves to slither
It worships the pale skin of her throat
Pulse beating fast against him with a shiver
A reaction that was rather denote

Utterly bewitched by his delicious charm
Floating in a river of delirious elation
Little did she know, his intentions were to harm
It was too late now, she’d given into temptation

Kiss, lick, nibble and bite
Moans, thrusts, screams of delight
Each a step further to a terrible fright
He couldn’t care less on this endless night

Hard and thick, within her aching core
Pushing her to the brink of ultimate pleasure
In the morning she’ll be bruised and sore
Her eagerness to proceed is what he treasured

Although the point of ecstasy nears
Yet he seduces her so wickedly still
It is then she realized her worst fears
What was really happening
His true intentions were sadistic
And his goal was kill

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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