Stand Up to Cancer.

Hello lovely readers, this entire week has been all about Stand Up to Cancer; a charitable program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation established by media, entertainment and philanthropic leaders who've been affected by cancer that's been active since 2008. Last year, this campaign was launched here in the UK via a collaboration programmed created by Channel 4 and Cancer Research, mingling celebrities and people who are either battling cancer or are friends/family of those who are suffering with it.

As a contribution to the cause, I volunteered for a day in my local Cancer Research yesterday. Many of you lovely readers know that I volunteer from time to time. It is always a pleasure to work with the lovely women and also spend some quality time with my mother in a work environment. My mother has been working for Cancer Research for six years. Cancer has burdened quite a few of my family and friends and that's the main reason why my mum works for Cancer Research and also why I volunteer.

At my local shop, the windows were decorated with Stand Up to Cancer stylized merchandise, a raffle was being held (the prizes being a couple boxes of chocolatey treats and biscuits and a Stand Up to Cancer cake that was made by the lovely Becci!) and we all took turns to stand outside with a money bucket and a box of Stand Up to Cancer badges. Along with wearing the t-shirts, we all wore wigs especially made for this occasion. It's fair to say, I'm very lucky mine didn't look too bad. We all resembled different stars. I went from being myself, to Tina Turner, to Boy George. My mother looked like Britney Spears from her 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' music video, J looked like Rod Stewart and L & S looked
like characters from Scooby Doo.

Working for Cancer Research is a lot of work for me, my anxiety of too many people and my tiredness levels are tested a lot. You never know who you're going to encounter. I met some lovely people and then some not-so-lovely people. Yesterday was relatively calm with there being many adorable children and sweet couples.

Despite the fact that we all wore 'Stand Up to Cancer' t-shirts and wigs, people still asked us what we were doing. Some even said "Is this for Halloween?" *chuckles* In the end though, we raised a lot of money! And although, I can barely move this morning, it was worth it.

Myself, My Mother, L, J & S.
Also this week, I've been trying to promote it any way I could. Primarily, customizing a small group of people's profile photos on social networks to present the Stand Up to Cancer logo. So I would like to thank Mags, G, Cameron Lincoln, Debra Lane, Joan Gillen and Amelia Oesmani for taking part!

Cancer affects us all in one way or another. Supporting one another is important. So pop into your local Cancer Research and donate or purchase something. No matter how small the amount, it will make a difference and get us one inch closer to finding a cure.

Tammy xo


  1. Brilliant post and cause sweetheart and I love your new hair lol ;-) I totally agree with you...each amount of awareness no matter how big or small if it can help to save one life is worth it! xox


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