Monday Musings: Freedom. Peace. Adoration.

Hello lovely readers, a few nights ago I was catching up with an old friend of mine who is also in the writing business. Due to work commitments, my friend’s had no time at all to even remotely think of writing. So much so, that the idea of expelling writing altogether is becoming appealing.

As a writer enthusiast, avid reader and lover of the written word in general, you can imagine how sad I was to hear that. However, my friend’s work is astounding. There was no way I could possibly allow such talent suffer so I encouraged and assured my friend that their future in the business is bright. Who knows what my friend will decide?

The conversation was quite thought provoking which lead me to think about just what and why I keep writing. . .

In the last two months or so, my personal life has been rather tough and frenzied. It’s caused me to consider
stopping writing. That would occur about a thousand times a day. And that is frightening for a writer. In fact, it’s frightening to consider stopping something any of us are passionate about. It’s a dark thought that we all dread and have experienced before.

But each time I’ve felt that desire, I remind myself why I reconnected and began writing again in the first place. There are three reasons. Just three. And they are all I need to continue this journey of self-discovery through my life-long passion.

When I was first diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, I was put in what would be one of the darkest times in my life. Everything I thought I knew about myself went out the window and my body was no longer under my control.  After some serious soul searching, I gained a sense of freedom from writing. It became my voice and a way to break away from my illness. I despise feeling weak. My M.E. fuels my desire to write because I am proving a point. To myself. Because I can live my life with this burden.

To vent or to expose myself is something I do in private. I believe that this sense of relief is best done behind closed doors rather during the situation itself. When I write, I never cease to find peace and solace when I put pen to paper. It’s a weight off my shoulders. It could be about anything! Call me strange, but there are times when I discuss things on this blog that I wouldn’t normally in real life and it gives me relief.

And finally, but most definitely not least, I am infatuated with the art of literature. I have been since I was a little girl. It continues to bewitch me, even now. Some people ask me; “Why do you love writing so much?” The answer is: I simply do. I cannot imagine my life without jotting little things down. William Shakespeare truly fascinated me. Many others have charmed me but nothing quite like his work. I just thought to myself; “I could do that.” And here I am now. I’m doing what I love. Two things I love.

Tammy xo


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