Monday Musings: Hold the Festivities.

Hello lovely readers, as I announced on my Facebook Page yesterday, I have decided to add the Monday Musings TAG to my blog after enjoying reading different blogs that regularly do it. Basically, every Monday I will write a post talking about something I love, hate or just want to share! There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to do this. For one, you lovely readers really do enjoy little insights into my life and I’ll be dammed if I said I didn’t enjoy sharing those snippets. Another reason is that I have set myself a goal of blogging twice a week (if not more) because The Life of the Live. Love. Laugh. Girl. has become a big part of my life and I want to contribute to it as much as I can whenever I can. So please enjoy the very first Monday Musings instalment!

Whilst many partied day and night, I spent my Halloween curled up on the sofa with Temptation Bites edits (I was exhausted from shopping in Cabot Circus so I wasn't on best form with editing) and a copy of Nightmare before Christmas and Psycho. Between pulling my hair out at editing and singing along to the Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack, I watched the odd show on TV.
It was a television evening for me. *chuckles*

During one of these TV breaks, the screen became vibrant with holly red and mistletoe green and right at that moment, the first Christmas advert unfolded before my eyes. My initial reaction was: It’s Halloween and a Christmas ad is on TV? There’s some logic in that. But then another Christmas themed commercial played. And then another. And another. Five Christmas adverts were played in that one commercial break. Call me the Grinch or Scrooge (whatever your preference is), but I was a little irritated.

Although I decided to dismiss it. Until the next morning, that is.

November had arrived and the Christmas gear had magically appeared in full force. Lovely readers…it was the first of November, not December. In fact, when I was in Cabot Circus earlier last week, I saw Christmas decorations peppering the centre. I’m all for early shopping; hell, I have a friend who buys Christmas presents in January, you can’t get any earlier than that! But shouldn’t all the stock come out when December arrives? Isn’t that more reasonable? It’s only twenty-six days away now.

The only thing that I can condone is the Starbucks coffee cups. Only because I have been flooded with people sending me photos of them that I’m used to them.

I, myself, am a planner. I already know what I will be purchasing for my family and friends but I’m not going to order them until late November/beginning of December. Perhaps it’s just me that views it this way. Personally, it won’t be Christmas until the Coco-Cola advert is on!

All I can say is what people have been saying to me...Bah humbug!

Tammy xo


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