Monday Musings: Victorian Christmas Market.

Hello lovely readers, it’s Manic Monday and I was not prepared for it. At all. In fact, I’m writing this post with one eyelid slightly open. *chuckles*

My very first Monday Musings post spoke of my irritation at the Christmas festivities having kicked off on Halloween but I’ve at last come to terms with the fact that Christmas will be arriving shortly. So today I’m going to talk about my wonderfully busy day at the Victorian Christmas Market yesterday.

Whenever there is a local festival or market, you can count on myself and my mother to be there. We love our adventures. So when my lovely cousin told us she would be hosting a stall for her handcrafted Christmas decorations and gifts line, Stars Stripes and Snowflakes, in the Victorian Christmas Market, of course we would be there!

The market had been going for three days prior and with each one passing, the crowds grew more and more. To the point that 50,000 people were there at one time. Knowing this didn't ease my anxiety of crowds. I knew almost instantaneously when I stepped into the chaos early Sunday morning that my claustrophobia would be tested. Although I did sadly experience a few minor panic attacks, I had a truly fabulous day and this is a few of the highlights as to what my mother and I got up to inbetween them...

There were a range of props situated around the market, from a family of Victorians to a cafe/bar bus to a carousel (the latter being completely occupied by adults). The majority of the stalls are handcrafted gifts such as a particularly exquisite 'Four Season's tree from The Wine Wish Tree. Myself and my mother have a tradition whenever we attend these functions and that is to buy my father the dynamite (and I mean dynamite) flavoured accompany sauce the from Relish and SamosaCo.

We began with the row of shops along the river and funnily enough, we discovered my cousin's stall nestled inbetween. Having only seen a couple of her creations, I was quite honestly astounded when I was confronted with all of my cousin's work. It was a variety of novelty trees, reindeers and snowmen along with carefully carved plagues engraved with affectionate words. I bought myself a couple motivational plagues and a silver Santa Clause candle whilst my mother bought an adorable red metallic, 'Noel' bauball. As a massive candle lover, I was in heaven with all the candle stalls and even picked up a rich-scented, heart-cased candle labelled 'Love Spell' at Crazy 4 Candles.

A market/ festival wouldn't be one in my town if there were not cider and cheese in the mix. There was so many stalls if it that I lost count. It made for a rather interesting aroma. Naturally, as cheese lovers, we both picked up (well, were slightly compelled to) some intriguing chunks of delicious cheddar from Marmahs.

The Prettiest Things is without a doubt, my favourite stall. Filled with 'gorgeous kitsch and vintage style jewellery', the lovely Jenny―the mastermind behind the beautifully handmade pieces― It is featured in every festival/market and every time, I return with some new trinkets. I now have a little collection including a Antique Wings Ring, Beautiful Bird Locket, an Egyptian Mask Ring and my favourite; a crystal engraved pennyfarthing neckalce . And now I have added the silver 'BITE ME' ring and a bottle necklace.

To end the post, I would like to mention a short encounter I had in the bookstore there. I was looking for some new reads―pretending that I didn't know I won't be able to read them until novel edits are finished―when all of a sudden, I spotted lovely author and friend, Abbi Glines' novels. It was the first time I'd seen her novels in a store in paperback form and I literally yelled over to my mother; "Oh my god, Abbi's books are here!" This prompted a conversation with the lovely lady next to me to ask me if I knew her, I told her she the shortened version of how Abbi was the first author I befriended when I began writing my novel and how fabulous her novels are. I think I may have just added one more reader onto your list, Abbi!

I've uploaded all the shots I took during this adventure onto my Facebook Page, click here to see them!

Tammy xo


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