My Intimate Poetry: The Rainmaker.

Hello lovely readers, earlier this week the lovely Amanda Carrington of VoElla wrote a wonderful poem after seeing a photo that spoke a thousand words which prompted her to set up a poetry challenge! I was ever so surprised to see my named among some lovely poets so without further ado, here is my contribution. Head over to VoElla to read the rest of the fabulous entries. Enjoy!

Without love, the heart is lost. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

This vessel within that once thumped has now shattered
By a man she loved, the one that truly mattered
Destroyed into tiny fragments for a second time
This heart has once more lost its rhythm, its melody and chime

The bandages from before “they” began have withered away
Stitches torn apart by his unforgivable betray
What little is left of this soul has been exposed
He knew how much it would eradicate her and yet he still chose

Leaving her life in tatters and a head filled with insecurity
Love’s the one thing she needed yet it evades her with some urgency
He is just as bad as her sibling and the man that ripped her to shreds before
Making her heart bleed, crying as she watches it pour

The sting, the agony, the heartache she’s felt this once already
Now another scar has been added, her existence left unsteady
There are only so many times she can glue the pieces back together
He’s ruined her entirely and now she’s nothing but a insignificant, frail feather

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


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