My Intimate Poetry: Stand by Me.

Hello lovely readers; as some of you will know, I surprised a darling friend of mine yesterday as it was her birthday. I can't tell you how comical it was when she found my hiding in her lounge! This friend of mine is very dear to me and we've known one another for many years and because of so many great years of friendship, I wrote her a poem to accompany my birthday gifts to her. However, it is Children in Need today and after a little ponder, I think this is also a lovely poem for that occasion as it speaks of friendship and love. Enjoy!

We all need a friend. ~ Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

My dear friend
You are the world and more
A companion and a sister
Someone I never cease to adore

A lifeline at times
Though a guardian for most
You’re an angel sent from above
For that, I propose a toast

So effortlessly charming and elegant
Clever and extraordinarily wise
You constantly enrich all of our lives
You are one person no one could despise

Years have passed since we first met
The day a friendship had begun
By chance, a serendipity moment no less
And beautiful memories were to be spun

You were ever present beside me
Through the good times and bad
Wiping my tears and holding me close
You’d say “I hate seeing you sad.”

So I thank you
My dear friend

For your unconditional support and love
I raise my glass to you and say “Let this friendship never end.”

2013 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Tammy xo


  1. arwwww Thankyou Tammy! thanks for my presents and beautiful poem :D <3 xox

    1. *grins* You're welcome, darling H! I'm ever so glad you adored everything! xo


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