Photography: Coruscate.

Hello lovely readers, it has been one rather enervating day and I'd like to end it with an artistic edge.

Photography is a pastime for which I am quite passionate about. I try to incorporate my love for the art of imagery into everything I do. On average, I will take ten photos a day of almost anything that I perceive as a potentially eloquent piece of art. This afternoon was one of these moments when I was struck by numerous inspiration.

All photos were taken with a Blackberry Q5

Throughout the day, the sky darkened more and more to the point that lampposts had begun to light the streets. When I took this shot, I was astonished at the result for I hadn't put any effect on it.

My town's Christmas decorations are most definitely not as extravagantly elegant as others but I adored this collision of opaque objects and lights, projecting a chandelier effect.

When I'm not in Stratford enjoying a good drink at Hobsons Patisseries, my favourite café is Coffee #1 and to see the lonely and deteriorating trees to find comfort and friendship with fairy lights was rather magical.

As I began my day, I was confronted with a honey-coloured pavement, successfully leaving no visibility of the concrete. 

Tammy xo


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