Monday Musings: Beauty is an Emotion.

Hello lovely readers, it's the second day of December! Can you believe we're in the final month of the year? I can't believe just how fast 2013 has flown by. It is, of course, also Manic Monday which means it's time for another Monday Musings post!
Beauty was never meant to be a label. It was meant to be an emotion. An emotion that was all about being comfortable in our own skin. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins
The B Word

The meaning of beauty has evolved and changed over time as cultural values have altered. It can be a characterization of a person's inner beauty (psychological factors like integrity and personality). Unfortunately, what beauty is most often defined as is a person's outer beauty. The physical side. People who are youthful in their looks with well-proportioned bodies and good features are what has always been regarded as beautiful throughout history.

Beauty shouldn't be regarded as a physical attribution but, instead, actually focus on the person themself and who they are? Is it not right to say that appearances are deceiving? I think we will all have a different opinion on the matter but for me personally, a good personality and tender heart is what wins me over.

But on the topic of the physical appearance defined version...I believe there is a difference between being labelled and actually feeling beautiful.

Being Labelled
There is so much pressure on everybody to look good. It's overbearing. I think―although some of us won't admit it―we all crave to be called "beautiful". Sadly, the word “beautiful” is passé and platitudinous these days. Its original value has been lost among the younger generation. What was once a treasured encomium is now the run of the mill thing to say. This doesn’t just occur with the younger generation though, but with the older generation as well. Quite frankly, I dislike this because in a lot of cases, the word is not used with sincerity.

Feeling the Emotion
Spend less time in the mirror and more time feeling wonderful. ― Frédéric Fekkai
Beauty and the word "beautiful" was not to be used as something you call something (although it's a confidence booster for some). The definition wasn't meant to be about what lies upon the outer skin; or the inner layer for that matter. No, beauty and the word "beautiful" was made to mark the achievement of feeling comfortable in our own skin. To think things like, "Hey, I feel fantastic and I love my body."

In all honesty, I myself have never felt truly comfortable in my skin. Over the years, I've grown to like it. But I haven't reached that stage of feeling beautiful. I have many insecurities, it's true. Especially about my body. Admittedly, some of my views on this topic are cynical and with good, but sad, reason. People in the past have belittled my appearance and ultimately lowered my self-esteem to little to nothing. It's what makes me modest and unable to take compliments.

So I shall end this post the same way it began, beauty was never meant to be a label. It was meant to be an emotion. An emotion that was all about being comfortable in our own skin.

Tammy xo


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